People Of Iridine

Retired Characters

Brison: In the early morning of the 3rd day of Palut in the 294th Year of the Republic, Brison has left the City of Iridine to reunite with his family in Altene.

Brison Schlam, son of Alrich (Grey Swan) and Aelana Schlam (Lioness) of Altene. He came to the City of Iridine for fame on the sands, adding flair to his deadly maneuvers to give the crowds blood and gore with his cestii. Earning medallions and laureates, Brison continued to prove himself. After feeling accomplished in this right, he put away his cestii to use his palms and knees instead, and picked up a bow as his mother does. He remained in Iridine a long time, surviving many brushes with death over the years. After being revived from a coma, the thought of returning home rooted in mind. And so he was off, to see if his parents were still alive and see them once again.

Sahar Clique: In the afternoon of the 18th day of Palut in the 294th Year of the Republic, Sahar slit her own throat on the steps of Seneda's Bank. She loved the finer things in life, gems stones most of all. Her agile nature ,modest upbringings, and lofty desires led her to an life of an accomplished jewel thief. After being shown stories of the heretical gods, she ventured far abroad in search of more information. Upon her return to the city, she learned of the trial and execution of her teacher. She rushed to visit the old sacred grounds within the city, but was spotted by the followers of Ereal. Knowing that they would employ measures far worse than death, she chose to take her own life and deprive them the pleasure.

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