Persons of Note Within the Cult

Fiona - Vetalluns Resident Healer

A simple healer in the village of Vetallun, Fiona has served to heal wayward travelers and adventurers for quite a long time. A member of the Morning Light Sect of the Cult of Ereal, she welcomes all injured and sickly into her shrine with open arms.

Kassandra - A Seer of the Sect of the Revealing Light

A priestess of the Sect of the Revealing Light, Kassandra occasionally divines the fortunes (and misfortunes) of commoners, in return for donations to the temple. Generally, she is shown to be accurate, although somewhat vague at times. She rendered much assistance to consul Seredian Allende during his kidnapping crisis, and is also known for the development of cadaes.

Leptanious - The Cineran Priest

Rarely has a priest of Cinera earned such respect and renown in Iridine as did Leptanious. An intelligent, thoughtful, and pious man of Ereal, and a courageous fighter, Leptanious was most well known for his diligent search for the Lost Amulets of Ereal, powerful talismans that he claimed would prevent the cataclysm of Moonfall. He was reportedly murdered by assassins before accomplishing his goals.

Loria - A Priestess of Ereal

A priestess of Ereal, Loria took over the class of Temple acolytes from Father Sarius. Most well known for her weddings, the priestess had the unfortunate duty of disbanding that class of initiates due to inner problems.

Macova - A Visionary and Healer

A highly esteemed and pivotal priest, Macova has been involved in numerous plots and intrigues within the Temple. He was involved in the original healing guild, the Angels, as one of the five council members, as well as serving as their liaison to the Cult of Ereal. Several times since, he was kidnapped by Cineran and heretical forces, but each time was rescued, with new information and a greater, more breathtaking picture of Ereal and His plan for the world. Macova passed away after a long illness.

Melilia - Iridines Resident Healer

The resident healer of Iridine, Melilia resides in the Hospice of Iridine. Several years ago, she was the target of a series of attacks, from simple assault to a major kidnapping plot. After the last one, she ran from the Hospice to her friend Fiona in Vetallun, who sheltered her for the better part of a year. After some time, she summoned the courage to return to Iridine, and is now protected by a Temple guard every moment of the day. She has been involved in a number of other incidents, including abduction by a motley crew of escaped Cineran slaves, from whom she was rescued by the mysterious Mkerron.

Sarius - The Original Head of the Acolytes

A kind, grandfatherly figure, Father Sarius was the first priest in charge of the class of Acolytes. Subsequently, he turned it over to the priestess Loria and withdrew to a more sedate life due to health problems.

Junia Gracious - Deceased

Once charismatic leader of the Soldiers of Ereal, she has since fallen when brutally assassinated by a Blackroot tribesman. The survival of her sect seemed in doubt until the advent of a man named Ceajon and a second man known as The Prophet. Little can be said of either of them but they have contributed to keeping the memory of Junia alive and the Soldiers of Ereal have started growing once more.

Leaders of the Cult

Tharius Allende - Current High Priest of Ereal

Member of the Allende Clan he was once estranged from them but has since rebuilt his ties.
Nominated because of his introverted and bookish ways, Tharius has grown to be a present and well respected leader of the cult. Having payed his dues, he was formed among the Bright Hope sect, he is today recognized as one of the most gifted healers in Iridine. Under his direction the cult of Ereal has become increasingly more transparent as they work to clear out controversy and in-fighting.

Darius Allende - High Priest's Proxy and brother to Tharius.

He represents the political arm of the cult and serves them in the Senate. Generally thought of as an intelligent politician and reasonably pious man. With the two brothers running the cult, the political might of the Allende family seems assured.

Council of Elders

Jarin Seneda - Unofficial head of the Council of Elders and leader of the Revealing Light sect.

He is a cousin to the Seneda merchant house and is rumored to offer them special help. It is whispered he is the man who ultimately pushed to have Tharius nominated as Head Priest, though others are quick to point out it is because he couldn't get himself named instead.

Bernard Tubero - Member of the Council of Elders and leader of the bright Hope Sect

He is the only nominated member of Tharius. He is the leader of the Bright Hope sect but is still seen walking Iridine's streets healing the needy for free. A child of the streets himself, he is always mentioned last among the cults leaders. He is fast becoming famous for his healing talents, dwarfing even those of the High Priest.

Drusus Rustius - Member of the Council of Elders and leader of the Nuturing Light Sect

He is the oldest sitting member. Considered an eccentric and slightly senile by many, he is the closest thing to a rogue priest the cult has. Rustius spends most of his time in the wilds of Iridine and preaches ceaselessly his love of nature. Some say he is the Leader of the Nuturing Light Sect, others say that he is not a member of any of the recognized sects, his presence on the council is a mystery to many.

Nevertheless Tharius seems content to have him in such a position.

Sartor Mithus - Member of the Council of Elders

He is both respected for his profound beliefs and feared for his quick temper. Perceived as something of an ascetic he leads the ultra-conservative faction of the cult. He opposes all change and often talks about some vague past that was a golden age for Ereal. Seeing as he has so much work within the cult he is seldom seen in public. His followers, on the other hand, tend to be loud.

Spurius Ravilla - Member of the Council of Elders

Another member from the Revealing Light sect, his auguries have proven at times to be even more accurate the Jarin Seneda's. Was often seen with Junia Gracious before her demise and is rumored to cultivate friendships with the new leaders of the Soldiers of Ereal. When approached in public he is generally seen as strange and detached.

Titus Ahala - Member of the Council of Elders

Grew up out of the lower classes of Iridine society to rise in the priesthood of Ereal. He has grown increasingly arrogant towards the higher classes through the years as his fortunes were increasing.

Albius Anande - Member of the Council of Elders

Member of the Anande family, he has made his mark as a successful augur but has recently been plagued with rumors of improper behavior. Both the cult and the Anande family seem to protect him.

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