Iridine: The Eternal City

From atop the highest point of The Temple of the Sun, to the most stench-ridden alley in The Steps, Iridine is a city of vast diversity, populated and visited by peoples from all over the known world. The double-walled city straddles the mouth of the Invex River as it dumps into the Great Sea, its lighthouse a welcome beacon to mariners, its gates a refuge against the dusty road.

Iridine is home to thousands of people, rich and poor, noble and common. In the course of a single day you might hear the names of a dozen different important people fall from the lips of others. These people might be readily accessible, or as remote as a snowy mountaintop, and some might even be able to help a fledgling career along a step or two. Listening and paying attention is half the game in Iridine, lending a good foundation for future involvement.


A compendium of maps both by players and illustrated maps from the staff.
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Hunting Grounds

A list of hunting & training grounds for everyone ranging to fresh meat to seasoned veteran.
Hunting and Training Grounds


Many NPC's have set up shop in and out of the city to give training in their various specialties. They offer training in their trade…for a price.

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