Political Organization

The cult of Ereal is led by a High Priest who must be elected by unanimous decision by a Council of Elders. Once elected, the High Priest receives full powers and is expected to maintain his seat until his death or until he deems it is time to retire. There are provisions for the removal of a High Priest by an extraordinary session of the cult where a three-quarters vote is needed to oust the leader.

Second to the High Priest is the High Priest's Proxy, named by the former, his task is to serve as a liaison to the Iridine Senate and oversee the cult's political efforts and maneuverings. Having the status of a senator (indeed the Proxy often is an ex-senator), the Proxy has the task of being Ereal's voice in the Senate.

The Council of Elders is composed of the heads of each sect plus up to four other members named by the High Priest or voted in by the current Council members. As the name suggests they are often the senior-most members of the cult and also those thought to have Ereal's greatest favor. In the absence of a High Priest, the Council assumes supreme authority. Along with the High Priest, this is the only organization that has the power to order a dictator during times of crisis.

Council of Elders:

Name Post
Tharius Allende High Priest
Bernard Tubero Hand of Ereal
Jarin Seneda Eye of Ereal
Drusus Rustius Heart of Ereal
Titus Ahala Bright Hope Sect
Sartor Mithus Bright Hope Sect
Albius Anande Revealing Light Sect
Spurius Ravilla Revealing Light Sect

At first a single uniform body, the cult of Ereal soon divided to form three separate sects. Each sect represents a different facet of the God. Additionally, Ereal priests are asked to perform many duties, the most public of them is to lead the population in the great rites of celebration or purification. Each season is also influenced by the aspects of Ereal; spring to morning, summer to noon, and autumn to the evening.

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