Allegiances and Families in the Senate:


Trocia Anande (Coalition Leader) - Though there are several men in the family older than he, Trocia rose to power early and has been the leader of the House and of the Anande Coalition for five years. With his wild gray eyebrows and hair, he is sometimes called “the hairy wolf” in private. From time to time, Trocia is known to closet himself in a private palace in the countryside, accompanied by a few doctors and close friends. Usually gone for about a week, he always returns full of vigor and even more indomitable willpower.

Atriarch Anande (Consul Legio II, Player Patron Tier I)
Iatus Anande (Patron of the Auxilii)
Oman Anande
Sedivain Oradanae
Tylan Oradanae
Pentheus Priaxios (Foreign Justice)
Calparax Nelthon


Sordo Calsuan (Consul Legio II) - A brilliant commander, leader, and consul, Sordo has taken over the family name and faction leadership after the assassination of his father Orasca. He is known for championing the might of the Republic and its capable military. He has a short temper, a dominating presencse, and the lower classes consider his oratory a delight rivaling the best entertainment the sands of the arena can muster.

Famous Quotes:
"I'll cut your throat, you mangy Cineran." - Recorded response to a tribune of the 3rd class trying his patience during a Senate meeting.
"Hells below, I will not take this lying down. You seek to place this growth on Ereal's buttocks in command with me?" - In response to a joint command
Carnidus Harythaen
Chardyn Harythaen
Sartan Harythaen
Baelan Neslor (Player Patron Tier I)
Paralex Larecean


Constain Allende (Coalition Leader) - Constian is somewhat overweight in his declining years, with large jowls and a soft belly. His way is one of slow deliberation. He would like to bring further changes to the Republic, perhaps even give more control to the common people, but he must battle the more conservative elements within both the patricians and the lower classes.

Darius Allende - Proxy to the High Priest of Ereal and brother to Tharius Allende. He represents the political arm of the Cult of Ereal and serves them in the Senate. Generally thought of as an intelligent politician and reasonably pious man. With the two brothers running the Cult, the political might of the Allende family seems assured.

Aerthan Allende
Brazan Allende
Lucian Allende (Justice of the City)
Seredian Allende (Consul Legio I, Player Patron Tier I) - Second son of Constian, he is brash and unrepentant in decrying the corruption and decay he sees all around him- but he never quite names names on his own. Was known as a quiet man until he entered the Senate ten years ago. His older brother Arian died shortly thereafter in a landslide and Seredian stepped in to take over his decare. Not really as forceful as he seems; his natural inclination, outside the Assembly, is to be quiet and reasoned, but he feels he owes it to the Republic to crusade against injustice as his brother did.
Tharius Allende - Current High Priest of Ereal. Member of the Allende family, he was once estranged from them but has since rebuilt his ties. Nominated because of his introverted and bookish ways, Tharius has grown to be a present and well-respected leader of the cult. Having paid his dues, he is today recognized as one of the most gifted healers in Iridine. Under his direction the Cult of Ereal has become increasingly more transparent as they work to clear out controversy and in-fighting.
Statius Allende
Adrian Terefax
Atroclus Traevant
Sargath Severius


Adrian Tunitus
Senecor Tunitus
Angarus Quenastes
Kalan Naenius
Quatros Neread
Rosan Henalean
Tavian Secalderus (Player Patron)
Terasius Fenshaen

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