Player vs Player Conflict


As in most multiplayer games, Player vs Player (PvP) physical conflict is not uncommon. Some fight other players for fun in spars, for honor in the Colosseum, or to bandit and loot what they can.

PvP actions may cost RolePoints and lead to in-character consequences, depending on the severity.

PvP combat

You may attack any other player at any time (except for new characters), but not without impunity. Not all fighting is legally allowed and may lead to legal consequences, including warrants and jail time.

PvP combat is much like PvE (Player vs Enemy/NPC) combat in that your skills go against each other, so aiming and feinting play a bigger role in attacking another player. If you can find a weak point, say they have not trained much high defense/dodges, aim your attacks high to land them easier.

Sparring information [under construction]]

Bone breaks

If another player is unconscious, you can break their bones. These breaks are generally very severe but will heal over time. Breaking a leg or a weapon arm/hand will put the victim out of order for a while.

  • Command: bbreak
  • Usage: While another player is unconscious
  • RolePoint cost: 250 rps per break


You can put an unconscious person into a coma by beating them to an inch of their life. A coma is essentially an unconscious state for 48 hours, after which the person wakes up and suffers from "coma sickness" for another 48 hours. When someone suffers from coma sickness, it is difficult for them to walk and pick up heavy things, and they are unable to think.

  • Command: Use of the "kill" command on an unconscious player character, or continuing to attack someone after they are unconscious.
  • Usage: While another player is unconscious
  • RolePoint cost: 250 rps for the first coma, 500 rps for the second, 750 rps for the third, etc. This resets after (1-3?) months.

If you are put into a coma, you may use a !luck point to be transported to the nearest coma ward for your safety. Your belongings will also be given to the coma ward attendant. Those in comas can also be checked into a coma ward by another player.

Tongue cut

One of the most severe PvP actions is the removal of someone's tongue, which means the victim can no longer speak. Unlike with comas or broken bones, this action is permanent and a cut tongue will never grow back.

  • Command: cuttongue
  • Usage: While another player is bound and unconscious
  • RolePoint cost: 1500rps per tongue cut

Killing another player (PK ticket)

You can ask permission from the GMs to kill another player through submitting a player-kill ticket (PK ticket) under @request. When submitting a PK ticket, you must detail your conflict history with the other character. If a GM approves your request, you have a limited amount of time (3 months?) to do the killing. Like all PvP actions, in-character consequences will likely apply.

  • Command: kill
  • Usage: while another player is unconscious (with an approved PK ticket)
  • RolePoint cost: no cost

Chopping Block

In addition to more active forms of PVP and player killing, there is also the option to put your character on the "chopping block." Doing so indicates to the GMs that you are willing to let your character be killed during GM-organized events, if the opportunity should arise. In return, you will receive a Veteran Character Package if a GMNPC decides to kill your character, allowing you to get a head start on a new character to replace the one that died.

From Sceadu's forum post:

The new command will be @chopping-block, which will give the player the ability to add a character of theirs to a list of characters they are willing to have die by GM intervention. Adding a character to this list will not guarantee a character will be targeted to be killed off by a GM and be awarded a VC package, but it will allow us to see if characters that are involved in any events we hold are on this list, and if appropriate, are willing to have that character killed during the course of the event. If this happens, the player of that character WILL be awarded a VC package for the death of that character.
We want to make it very clear that just because you haven't added your character to the chopping block, your characters are NOT immune to dying at the hand of a GMNPC. For example, if your character is NOT on the chopping block yet decides to blatantly throw themselves into situations that would result in death, they can still die at the hand of a GMNPC. In these situations we will make every effort to ICly warn the character in question, that if they continue their actions, death is a very real possibility. If they continue after such "warning", the next step could very well be the death of that character. And if a character dies is this fashion, they will, of course, be eligible for a VC package.

And further:

Once a character is added to the @chopping block, you must send in an @request for that character to be removed if you change your mind. We will only do this ONCE. If we remove a character from the chopping block, and you re-add them again later, we will NOT remove them a second time.

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