The world of Iridine is home to many religious beliefs. There various barbarian tribes worship a number of major and minor gods, the nations to the north and south each pay homage to their own, and both the old gods and the one god in the area around Iridine, Ereal. While playing as a character in Iridine, you will be expected to worship Ereal as your chosen god or else face the consequences of your actions if discovered. However, many players choose the laws governoring the state and religion as a means to explore different relationships with other deities.

Major Gods


Ereal is a sun god, and the chosen god of the people of both Iridine and Cinera. Ereal was, if the ancient stories are to be believed, one of many gods represented by the sun and moons in the sky. Iridine, the city and Republic's ancient founder, was a Priestess of Ereal and it is thus the Republic's chosen religion. Worship of a god other than Ereal is highly frowned upon in Republican territory, and sometimes in Cinera, but only true heresy and speaking out against Ereal in favor of another will land you in trouble with the Temple authorities. For more information about the Iridinian Cult of Ereal and the various sects: Cult of Ereal: Sects


The Altene god is accepted as a more warlike incarnation of Ereal, though some Altene's living in Iridine fail to see the resemblance. Erai'Theran is worshiped by many Altene's and those who die a good death in service of their chosen company and home will find themselves following his leadership in glorious battles that are fought in the world beyond.

Old Gods

These gods are left intentionally vague. If you'd like to know more find out IG.


God of Death, The Mad God, The Comforter, The Unravaller. Ravan is associated with death and madness. Be wary to utter his name outloud for fear of the Cult.
Known lore: He slightly turned and said...


The Trickster, God of the Night, God of Thieves. Lucifal is attributed with trickery, the shadows, the night. He's often seen with a jet black cat with jade eyes in older works of art.


The Warrior, God of Fire. Aera is attributed with soldiers, battle, stubborness, and fire. He's often depicted as a warrior or soldier in artwork.


The Dreamer, God of Water, God of Time.


God of Creation, The Sun, fertility, agriculture.

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