Rescue Of Seredian Allende


March 18 (10:59:06 AM) - Gratitude from the Consul (From TEC Underground News Archive)
As the day turned to twilight on the nineteenth day of Scran 220, the Consul Seredian Allende turned out in the forum west of the Well of Comitia to express his deepest gratitude and thanks to the brave men and women that rescued him from the clutches of the Black Wolves. While questions still remain about the reasons the Wolves kidnapped the Consul and held him right within the walls of Iridine, Allende was able to smile and claim to be in perfect health. As a token of his appreciation, he commissioned a large statue of a man and a woman, both armed to the teeth, with a pedestal underneath citing the names of all those people that aided him. Among those names stood out that of Talius Noraetis, a patrician that led the rescue for his patron Allende; Licinius Dendrius, a then-disgraced Centurion whose loyalty provided the impetus for the rescue; and the priestess Kassandra, head seer of the Sect of the Revealing Light, whose visions and charms were able to find the hiding place of Allende. Other notables that led the men include Subalterns Wallace and Thoras, the constables Annatar and Grazen, and the locksmith Drunser.

Licinius received more than just his name on a plaque. As the crowd watched, Seredian Allende (who had already given a full pardon for any outstanding warrants for Licinius' arrest) reannointed him the First Centurion of the First Cohort of Legio I. The good soldier hesitated at this, mentioning he would feel uncomfortable putting the capable Legionaire Viridus, current primopilus of Legio I, out of work. After considering this for a moment, Allende agreed. 'No, Centurion, you can not be primopilus again,' Allende said, 'Licinius Alveticus Dendrius, you are now a Junior Tribune of the Legio.' The festivities concluded shortly thereafter, and Licinius went to celebrate his new position with curses and ale.

All in all, a good showing by Allende, a man whose support among the people has never wavered, and with gratitude like this, never will.
~ TEC News Staff

A statue stands in the Iridine Forum, west of the Well of Comitia:

The statue is at least fifteen feet high. It is carved of creamy white marble veined in gold. A man and a woman of nondescript features stand side by side atop the square pedestal. Each one is armed with a gladius, stave, shield, and bow, and their armor consists of a hybrid of styles and pieces. Their stance is proud, and their expressions are alert and fierce. Words are carved into the marble pedestal.

It reads:
In Honor of the Men and Women of Iridine and Foreign Nations, Who By Their Selfless Actions Saved the Life of The Consul Seredian Allende, in the Year 220 of the Republic. Let Their Names be Honored in the Sight of Ereal and The Republic.

Talius Noraetis, Licinius Dendrius, Priestess Kassandra, Wallace, Thoras, Didius, Govan, Drunser, Cyanicus, Ravenlark, Weryl, Tug, Annatar, Grazen, Shalini, Laesan, Kimalee, Elrik, Albie, Tovania, Dahkneth, Morphius, Messenius, Rhydius, Mathus, Lanteros, Macius, Wolke, Camilia, Aeryl, Faxes, Theryn, Tondrin, Protius.

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