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Gardens and Hospice

A. Forum Gaeldine
B. Riverside Baths
C. Stone Toga Inn
1. Moon Bay Trading Company
2. Guards for hire: Asigo
3. Netmaker: Lentulus
4. Arrakath Arch
5. Step Back Inn: Volucer
6. Riverside Baths: Hilius
7. Bakery: Sixtus
8. Grocer: Nordallo
9. Cobbler: Azina
10. Net-mending: Uvol
11. Bar: Pego
12. Supplies: Sesquiculus
13. The Tea Garden: Gallicus

Officium de Humanitas (newbie shop)
14. Non-combat skills trainer (Outdoor Survival, Hunting, Tailoring, Healing and Locksmithing): Nihleos
15. Skill-related supplies: Apecuia
16. Combat skills trainer (Archery, Pankration, Tridents, Short Whip, Cestus, Two-Handed Axes, One-Handed Axes, One-Handed Crushing, Staves, Spears, One-Handed Swords, Shields, Knives, Combat Maneuvers, Brawling, Avros Gladius Combat, Nelsor Gladius Combat and Cineran Knife Fighting): Veylen
17. Basic supplies: Apecuia
18. Officium de Humanitas entrance: A wizened old woman
19. Item turn-in: Priest Neathius

20. Divortium Auxilii dropbox
21. Divortium Auxilii HQ
22. Archives: An old man
23. Archives: Floralie
24. The Singing Informer: Vaspian
25. Newcomer welcome spot: Phaedra
26. Bar, Stone Toga Inn: Constantine
27. Kitchen, Stone Toga Inn: Valeria
28. Harbor Message Office: An inkstained young clerk
29. Staves/Clubs/Combat Maneuvers trainers: Leda & Cassius
30. Stone Toga Inn: Julian

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