RolePoints & StoryPoints


RolePoints (role-points/RPs) and StoryPoints (story-points/StPs) are out-of-character currencies that can be used to make purchases that enhance your in-character gameplay. Their use is not mandatory.


Obtaining RolePoints

You earn RolePoints based on your play time*, receiving an @kudos from another player, receiving a RolePoint or Bonus Point award from a staff member, or through a Role Player of the Month award.

You can also purchase StoryPoints and then convert them to RolePoints.

*Exact hourly rate varies based on many factors, including account status and bonus points.

RolePoint Purchases

The cost to make a purchase with RolePoints varies based on your account status.

RolePoint Expenditure Free Trial/Basic Premium How to redeem
Luck! point 150 125 100 @play
Additional mark point 150 100 50 @play
Custom scar 150 100 50 @play
Recover discarded item 150 100 50 "retrieve" command
Veteran Character Package 1000-20000 1000-20000 free-20000 @play
Bone break (PVP) 250 250 250 See PVP info
Coma (PVP) 250 250 250 See PVP info
Cut tongue (PVP) 1500 1500 1500 See PVP info
Retrieve deleted character 500 500 500 @play
Mini/temporary makeover 100 100 100 @request
Character makeover 2000 1500 1000 @request
Custom armor/weapon/face cover* 3000 2500 2000 @request
Custom roleplay prop* 2000 1500 1000 @request
Item alteration NA 500 250 @request
General Skill Point NA 25 25 @play
Exchange character order on play list NA** 500 250 @play
Skill slot NA Slot 3, 250; Slot 4, 500; Slot 5, 1000; Slot 6+, 1250 @play
Rearrange skill slot NA 250 250 @play
Attribute Potential Increase (10 points) NA 1000 1000 @play
Playable NPCs NA 50-700 50-700 @play
Custom logout echo NA 500 250 @play
Extra character slot NA 5000 3000 @play
Custom speech pattern NA NA 250 @play
Change pet's name NA NA 500 @request
Room makeover NA NA 1500 @request
Private Welcome Room area NA NA 2500 @request
Custom tailor edging/pattern lore NA NA 2000 @request

**For accounts with more than one character, the @number-one command can be used one time to change which character is in the first slot.


Obtaining StoryPoints

Premium accounts receive 50 StoryPoints a month automatically. All players can also purchase a limited number of StoryPoints monthly for an additional fee under their Skotos Account Overview page.

Basic accounts may purchase up to 50 StoryPoints per month at a cost of 34.95$. Premium accounts may purchase up to 250 StoryPoints.

StoryPoint Purchases

Your ability to make a purchase with StoryPoints varies based on your account status(pending verification).

StoryPoint Expenditure Freebie Basic Premium How to redeem
Convert StoryPoints to RolePoints Conversion ratio: 1 StoryPoint is worth 4.0 RolePoints @play
Attribute Increase (1 point) 50 StoryPoints @play
Domus purchase 500 @play, then @request once you receive your "golden ticket"
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