Role Point Purchases

Role Point Purchases

You can earn Role Points based on your play time*, receiving an @kudos from another player, or receiving a Role Point award from a staff member.

Cost vary based on your account type:

Role Point Expenditure Premium Basic Freebie
General Skill Point 25 25 x
Recovery of Discarded Item 50 100 150
Additional Mark Point 50 100 150
Luck Point 100 125 150
Skill Slot 250-1500 250-1500 x
Attribute Potential Increase (10 points) 1000 1000 x
Item Alteration 250 500 x
Character Makeover 1000 1500 2000
Mini, Temporary Makeover 100
Custom Armor/Weapon/Face cover 2000 2500 3000
Custom Role Play Prop 1000 1500 2000
Custom Speech Pattern 250 x x
Custom Logout Echo 250 500 x
Change of Pet's Name 500 x x
Room Makeover 1500 x x
Private Welcome Room Area 2500 x x
Personalized Event 3000 x x
Move Skill Slot 250 250 x
Extra Character Slot 3000 5000 x
Custom Scars 50 100 150
Exchange Character Order 250 500 x
Veteran Character Package 1000-20000

*Exact hourly rate varies based on many factors, including account status, time of day, and bonus points.

To spend Role Points, type @play while in the Welcome Area and choose the "spend rolepoints" option.

See this forum post for additional information about the difference between "custom role play props" and "custom armor/weapon/facecovers."

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