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A. The Temple of the Morning
1. Funerary items: Sulcha
2. Auspice items: Manelic
3. Stationery: Sciritus
4. Leather: Ylsa, Venina
5. Kitchen: Anura
6. Incense: Elavia
7. Woodcrafts: Lexunius
8. Home goods: Bacavia
9. Iridine press office
10. Soaps, candles, lanterns: Lexia
11. Hats: Mitra
12. Sandals: Crepida
13. Scrolls & slates: Capsula
14. Wines: Atarthos
15. The Dancing Cat: Evia
16. Kitchen, The Dancing Cat: Memia
17. Corralarium baths: Laum (downstairs)
18. Corralarium: Gaiana, Tullarian
19. Kitchen, Corralarium: Septara
20. Decadent armor: Miroslav
21. Decor and supplies: Aeriaus
22. Wedding items: Aquari
23. Camora
24. Letum
25. Temple of the Morning
26. Blessed items: Eusebius

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