Riverside town, home of the Blue Breakwater Inn. Most of the residents of Seld work in or around the Inn, earning docking fees and selling produce to passing rivercraft. The Inn doesn't have to buy much from merchant Houses, which is unusual and reduces its prices.


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A. Seld Square
1. Wagon tickets: A young wagoneer
2. Garden: Fodien
3. Supplies: Tabana
4. Pets in bowls: Silarum
5. Woodworker: Tursina
6. Tannery (buy & sell leather/hides): Brantax
7. Forge: Collum
8. Blacksmith (metal goods & spear and shield trainer): Concinnant
9. Armband dropff: Salvare
10. Reputation shop: Nominis
11. Locksmith shop (locksmith trainer & supplies): Clauditis
12. Trident, whip, Nelsor & shield trainer: Vashren
13. Pankration, brawling, cestus & combat maneuvers trainer: Mervia
14. Net-mending & fishing supplies: Piktorus
15. Outdoors, hunting, archer trainer & outdoor & archery supplies: Shantaz
16. Refreshments: Biboria
17. Baked goods: Praccus
18. Driftwood decor: Yairus
19. Bulk supply shop: Timian
20. Bank: A gray-haired clerk
21. Fishmonger (buy and sell fish): Flumen
22. Fish skewers: Prenta (daytime only)
23. Fruit skewers: Fruges (daytime only)
24. Alcohol-infused fruit skewers: Dulcatus (daytime only)
25. Berries: Nerilla (daytime only)
26. Blue Breakwater Inn: Mnelos
27. Baked fish: Popina

Nominis' Reputation Shop
Item Cost Reputation Cost
A leather belt hoop 395d 3st 1s
A scabbard 475d
A leather quiver 712d 2st
A backpack 870d 3st 1s
A blue silk armband bearing a stylized fisherman 1t 20d 3st 1s
A leather knife sheath (With various leather options) 1t 812d 2st
A thick masterfully crafted brightash fishing pole 1t 1525d
A pair of leather gauntlets 2t 41d 2st 2s
A stocked healer's kit with silver tools 4t 83d 1st 1s
A pair of tin bracers 4t 677d 1s
A stocked fancy locksmith practice kit 4t 1270d 3st 1s
A pair of bronze bracers 6t 520d 3st 1s
A stocked healer's kit with golden tools 6t 1510d 1st 2s
A pair of iron bracers 8t 1354d 2s
Helmet Neck Guard Attachment Token* 15t 1302d 1s
A boison chisel hammer 30t-54t (quality option)
A boison pick axe 43t-77t (quality option)
A tin helmet with a caged faceplate 31t 1041d 2st 2s
A bronze helmet with a caged faceplate 50t 1041d 2st 2s
An iron helmet with a caged faceplate 59t 833d 1st 1s
A boison helmet with a caged faceplate 82t 1510d 1st 2s
  • Note: The Helmet Neck Guard Attachment token can only be added to a tin, bronze or iron helmet that does not current have one.

Seld Release Notes

With the opening of the gates of the idyllic fishing village of Seld, new opportunities, jobs, experiences, etc await you. A notable few such would be…

  • The Blue Breakwater Inn is now once again open for business to the public at large. Having completed recent renovations, the long-term guests (many of the locals) have moved to the newly-built third floor, meaning that the entire first and second floors are now available to rent to anyone. Yay, tourism!
  • Shops ahoy! Various Seld shops contain new items (and old staples needed for any respectable village) on offer. Shop til you drop, baby!
  • Experience the unique Seld culture with new foods, local small-batch alcohols, and some entirely unique local culinary experiences as well!
  • Haggle in the local fish market where the type of fish matter much less than the size of your catch. Be rewarded for superior angling skills…or be disappointed in your profits because size really does matter!
  • Do honest work and get honest pay. Help the local bait and tackle shop keep up on its net repairs for compensation, or help tend Seld's hastily made veggie garden plot that has to take up the slack for all the small farms and farmers that died in recent bandit raids and be paid for honest labor.
  • For the more bloodthirsty yet helpful types, the garden has various pests that can be slaughtered as well (for the good of the village, of course) and you can be compensated in that way instead.
  • Take home a new friend after buying some of the local favorites in terms of small pets, such as vibrantly colorful minnows, snails, and even tiny eels!
  • In response to the village losing local economic wealth to bandit raids, the entrepreneurial owners of the Blue Breakwater Inn opened their own bank to serve to centrilize and protect the local coinage. Although privately owned by non-patricians, it is trusted by the local villagers even more so than the 'fancy banks in the big cities'.
  • Take a quick on-demand trip to Franlius on the paid wagon just up the road from the Blue Breakwater Inn. With local accommodations, cuisine, trading economy, banking services, and ready work to help pay for it all, you might even find your war efforts served better by taking an extended stay in this prime staging area to the war front. Return trips from Franlius are also now available at the other end.
  • Sell all your metal scraps and trophies hauled back from Franlius at Seld's local blacksmith shop. Being the villages only two blacksmiths, one sibling will buy tin, bronze, as well as iron to keep up with the village's needs in terms of metal stock. Her brother specializes in…special requests (find out IG - muahaha!).
  • Train under some of the republics finest and most prolific trainers for various skills!
  • Try your hand at new bounties! Armbands for the notorious BHC bandits (and the collars of their hounds) are now being accepted in return for access to special stock you can't get anywhere else in Iridine! There's even a board to keep track of the most prolific bounty hunters!
  • Do good works! If murdering bandits isn't your thing, earn credit at the bounty shop by donating Mined Metal Ore to help get Seld back on its metaphorical feet after the recent bandit siege.
  • Walk to and From the Seld Village Square with the new 'walk-to' routes from the Crossroads and Blackvine (or back!) via the new 'Seld Square' mark point.

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