Setups Overview

Setups is in many ways a companion skillset to Pickpocketing. While some of the skills may be useful to less dishonorable folk, a thief will find far more use for them any day of the week.

Taught by: Shh! It's a secret! Look for a rat holding a glass of posca
Skills/Actions Difficulty To Rank SP Cost (1st Slot) SP Cost (2nd Slot)
Setups Easy 25 10 / 5 13 / 6
Draw Attention Easy 25 10 / 5 13 / 6
Ground Approach Average 25 15 / 7 18 / 8
Assess Target Average 25 15 / 7 18 / 8
Ear for Coin Easy 10 10 / 5 13 / 6
Lip Reading Difficult 10 10 / 5 13 / 6
Thief's Look Easy 10 10 / 5 13 / 6
City Stalking Average 10 10 / 5 13 / 6
Fade Away Average 10 10 / 5 13 / 6
Drunken Approach Average 10 10 / 5 13 / 6
Gentleman's Touch Difficult 10 10 / 5 13 / 6

Rumors Abound

It has always been said that certain people with the right connections can learn a good deal more in the art of stealing. With enough practice, why a proper thief could steal just about anything. You just have to have patience and know the right people. Sometimes it's best to let them find you, rather than seeking them out yourself.

Draw Attention Overview

Usage: spook <target>
Visibility: Target only, with small chance of fully visible emote (tap your foot, mutter under your breath, etc)

Distraction is one of the best methods a thief can use on a mark. Have him looking one way, while your mate is busy lifting his pouch and you'll both be a coin purse richer with ease. This skill is useful with a partner, or alone, either way it will help keep your mark looking at your face instead of your hands. Either way, use this on every mark and you'll learn the finer points of setups in no time.

A Few Notes on Mechanics:
  • This skill effectively lowers your success requirement for your next few maneuvers and increases their success requirement at the same time. It is highly useful if you use it before using a pickpocketing maneuver that you have not yet perfected, as it will lower your success for that move by a decent amount and increase the likelihood it will succeed.
  • While this generally can not be utilized against npc combatants as they will simply ignore it, it can be used during pvp situations against players if you feel like fighting dirty. A proper feint might be more useful and would benefit from the speed boost of reflexes, whereas this will not.

Ground Approach Overview

Usage: ground <target>
Visibility: Target only

This maneuver is used for quickly approaching a target, and with a bit of skill, bypassing anyone guarding your mark. It will be noticed by the mark when you use this method of approach. If you plan on stealing a good bit, this is a worthwhile training maneuver to use on each mark to help you learn the ropes when it comes to setups.

Assess Target Overview

Usage: combat <target> (combatassess <target>)
Visibility: Target only

Good for sizing up an opponent, combat assess will give you a rough idea of how skilled someone is in combat. If they're wielding a weapon, you might be able to get a more precise idea of their exact skill level with that particular weapon. For a thief, if you're using this, you'd be better off running than standing around drooling at their weapon before they use it ta bash yer skull in. For other folk, this is a worthwhile move for 'getting to know' someone else.

Ear for Coin Overview

Usage: coin <target>
Visibility: None, but requires target to be standing

This is one of the most useful tricks a thief can learn once they know how to lift a pouch from someone. Often, a mark might only be carrying a few sterces, but every now and then you'll come across one carrying far more coin than he should have been around a thief like you. This skill will let you know which ones to lift and which ones to let walk on by.

A Few Notes on Mechanics:
  • This will only give you an approximate value of the total amount of coin someone is carrying, and it does not specify which container that amount of coin is in. Npcs usually only carry one coin purse but for pcs this is something to consider.
  • This ability will not be able to give you even an approximate value over a talent. If they're carrying 200t, it will still give you the same result.
  • This move is absolutely silent. If you're standing at the Stone Toga Inn with time to spare and people standing around you - Use It! They'll never know what you're up to, and you're using your time on training instead of just wasting it then.

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