The Soldiers Of Ereal

The Soldiers of Ereal personify Ereal the Conqueror. Heralded as dangerous fanatics, they nevertheless proved invaluable in the defense of Iridine lands against the invader. They preach the strength of the All Conquering Sun and condone violence if it is done for the greater glory of the God. In the last few years, and quite evidently during the last Cineran wars, the Soldiers of Ereal have gained more notice.

Though technically an entity created under questionable terms, their influence over the years has grown to the point that they now operate in accordance with the wishes of the Cult of Ereal and the Senate. They cannot act in matters of heresy and law enforcement without express permission from those authorities.

The assassination of their leader, Junia Gracious, appeared to have thrown the sect in anarchy and it was predicted they would disband. To the surprise of many, the Soldiers regrouped and have since removed the more excessive fanatics. They continue to make examples of heretics they come across for the protection of all the faithful and have a fort in Blackvine.

They are not part of the direct Cult of Ereal hierarchy and have their own recruiting and training. The SoE and Cult proper do not answer to each other, although the SoE does tend to defer to Cult leadership when circumstances call for it.

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