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No one remembers who built the Harbor of the Moons. No one can say when Moonfall took place, when the first purplish-black storms appeared, roiling through the moonlit countryside in furious silence. No one remembers just how old the inner city really is, nor to what ends of Midlight its folk were scattered.

Iridine is a vast and ancient metropolis, its origins lost in myth. It is the beloved city of the sun god, Ereal, said to be raised as a monument to his victories over the eclipsing moons.

As the beacon of civilization in the world of Midlight, Iridine fights an ongoing war against anarchy and lawlessness. Thieves dart through the crowded streets. Bandits prowl the swamps and forests of Iridine's Republic. Cinerans are barely kept at bay by the Legio and concerned civilians.

And, the sages say, the veil between life and death weakens by the day – that Ravan, the Comforter of the Dead from ages forgotten, has gone mad – that he stalks the heavens once more, seeking to bring the destruction of Moonfall to Midlight.

(Adapted from the Official Introduction to The Eternal City.)

Welcome to the unofficial Wiki for information about The Eternal City, an RP MUD by Skotos.
This fully text-based roleplaying game takes place in the realistic-fantasy world of Iridine, the Eternal City inspired by Roman history. TEC is wholly immersive and well-worth the investment of getting started.

Join for the chance to explore the vast gameworld, complex combat and non-combat mechanics. Stay for the unparalleled community and immersive roleplay. For the right person and the right price, Iridine offers the chance to become anything: gladiator, merchant, acolyte, hunter, bandit, legionary, entertainer, explorer, thief, or more.

TEC is free to play! Subscriptions for basic and premium accounts are also available.

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