Each character has 13 attributes that set the groundwork for his or her abilities. Most stats are intuitive. You need strength to carry large amounts of equipment. Others have underlying hidden benefits that aren't always apparent. Attributes are displayed on your character sheet (type stats).

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Attribute Types


Can your character bob and weave in a fistfight? Does she twist and turn in a hail of arrows, watching them hit nothing but air and dirt? If so, she has high Agility. Agility sets a character's baseline defensive capability. This stat can be improved at a training course.


Does your character make the most ill-shaped clothes look like the new fashion? Has he walked through the forums as street workers fumble their tools and make catcalls? If so, he has high Appearance. Appearance marks a character's physical beauty and contributes to his ability to barter with NPCs.


Can your character make a deal that sounds too good to refuse? Has she spent many a night captivating the camp with stories told over the fire? If so, she has high Charisma. Charisma contributes to a character's brokering ability.


Did your character master juggling multiple objects at an early age? Can he write a codex with beautiful stylized lettering and illustrations? If so, he has high Dexterity. Dexterity measures a character's tactile precision and provides a bonus to non-combat skills such as healing, pickpocketing and locksmithing, and also sets a character's baseline attack bonus. This stat can be improved at a training course.


Does your character have an understanding of how others feel? If so, she has high Empathy. Empathy also impacts your character's ability to work with pets.


Can your character run a mile, hardly breaking a sweat? Has he taken a beating and still managed to walk away alive? If so, he has high Endurance. Endurance sets a character's maximum Hit Points and fatigue pool, allowing your character to take more damage and perform more actions before becoming exhausted. This stat can be improved at a training course.


Did your character decide against drinking that fifth round of Warclub? Is it common for her to travel with escorts or with a guarded caravan outside Iridine's walls? If so, she has high Judgement. Judgement measures a character's ability to make wise decisions.


Does your character know exactly what he ate for breakfast on the 17th day of Lucifal? If so, he has high Memory. Memory is important for the tailor and the linguist, allowing you to remember more tailoring recipes or your tutor's language lessons.


Can your character hear the drovers shouting all the way from Seneda's Bank? Can she identify the strange traveler approaching from far up the path? If so, she has high Perception. Perception measures your character's ability to identify her environment when detecting a sneaky thief, seeing farther or with less ambient light, searching out clues in a dusty catacomb and more. Perception also provides a bonus to attack. This stat can be improved at a training course.


Did your character understand the subtle wording weaved into that last play? Had he mastered three different professions before the age of 20? If so, he has high Reasoning. Reasoning sets the initial number of skill slots available at character creation. It also helps for learning languages, solving puzzles, and navigating complex obstacles such as the ones found in Rock Valley's ancient hunting grounds.


Did your character just steal that man's pouch, stab him a few times, and run away before he could even get out of his chair? If so, she has high Speed. Higher speed will decrease a character's roundtime for combat actions. Speed also provides a bonus to a character's base defense. This stat can be improved at a training course.


Can your character carry two heavy softsun dressers upstairs at the same time? If so, he has high Strength. Strength measures the maximum weight you can carry, and how much weight can be carried before being burdened by a significant load. Higher strength allows a character to do more damage in combat, and provides a small bonus to attack. This stat can be improved at a training course.


Can your character withstand a novice healer's unsuccessful attempts at setting that broken bone, bearing nothing but a smile? If so, she has high Willpower. Willpower helps you hold absolutely still when trying to hide, survive blows to the head without blacking out and mitigate penalties associated with fighting at less than maximum Hit Points. This stat can be improved at a training course.

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The Training Courses

Head to a training course to improve your character's physical attributes more quickly. Your character will feel the impact upon a successful completion.

Three-Part Course

Location: Campus Martius

  • Obstacles: Climbing Wall, Plank Pool, Sprinting Track
  • Attributes: Strength, Perception, Speed
  • Directions: walk to North Side Carcass Buyers, w, nw x3, n, ne x5, e

Four-Part Course

Location: Campus Martius

  • Obstacles: Mud Pit, Swinging Sandbags, Distance Track, Burning Coal Walk
  • Attributes: Dexterity, Agility, Endurance, Willpower
  • Directions: walk to North Side Carcass Buyers, w, nw x3, n, ne x5, n, e x2, s

Five-Part Course

Location: Vetullan

  • Obstacles: Climbing Wall, Mud Pit, Swinging Sandbags, Plank Pool, Burning Coal Walk
  • Attributes: Strength, Dexterity, Agility, Perception, Willpower
  • Directions: walk to Vetallun Road, walk to Vetallun Crossroads, w x5, nw x3, n x2

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Numeric Equivalents

The attribute adjectives for your character's stats also have a hidden numeric value associated with them. While you generally do not need to be familiar with these values, sometimes it is helpful to understand approximately what your character's numeric stat value is. For example, if you are saving up role-points to improve a particular attribute, the numeric values can help you calculate the number of role-points you'll need to spend to reach your goal. (Refer to the role point purchases page for more info about how much it costs to increase your attribute potential by 10 points. Each successful completion of the training courses will improve your attribute's numeric value by 1 point.)

By default, stat potential maxes out at Outstanding (200). Depending on the nationality and traits you selected during character generation, you may or may not be able to train a particular stat higher than Outstanding. If you selected several traits that improve a single stat, you might be able to train that stat to Remarkable, Extraordinary, Phenomenal, or beyond.

The underlying numeric value for Endurance has an exact 1:1 correlation with your character's hit points. For example, if your Endurance is 157, you will have Very Good Endurance with 157 hit points.

Stat Description Numeric Value
Abysmal 0 - 50
Very Poor 51 - 60
Poor 61 - 70
Below Average 71 - 90
Slightly Below Average 91 - 100
Average 101 - 110
Slightly Above Average 111 - 120
Above Average 121 - 130
Fairly Good 131 - 140
Good 141 - 150
Very Good 151 - 165
Great 166 - 180
Exceptional 181 - 190
Outstanding 191 - 200
Remarkable 201 - 210
Extraordinary 211 - 220
Phenomenal 221 - 230
Incredible 231 - 240
Inhuman 241 - 250
Superhuman 251 - ∞

Improving Attributes

Your character is generated with a set of "base" attribute numerical values, based on chance and your choices within the character generator. Each character is also generated with a set of "potential" numbers he or she can bring these base numbers up to.

  • Attribute increases may also be purchased with StoryPoints. By increasing an attribute with StoryPoints, your character receives the benefit immediately - no natural increase or training course is required.
  • Each attribute adjective covers a range of numerical values, so you may need 10 or more attribute increases before the adjective changes on your character sheet. (Your character still benefits from every attribute increase, regardless of whether the adjective changes.)

Your character's potential to improve is not limitless, and the traits you chose during character generation impact your maximum potential. You'll be notified in the StoryPoint or RolePoint menu when you can no longer purchase increases for a particular stat.

There are also skills you can learn that, if sufficiently trained, will replace an attribute's value with a higher one in certain situations (effectively raising the appropriate attribute level).

Natural Attribute Increases

A character will gain attribute increases slowly by using her skills and actions, as long as his or her potential is still unmet. The attribute increased will be one that has an effect on that action: Sword Side Strike might increase Strength and Pick Lock-Unlocking might increase Dexterity. Here are a few samples of what you see when your character naturally increases an attribute:

  • With a burst of insight, you determine a better way to perform the movement. (Dexterity)
  • You feel as if you solved the problem quicker that time.
  • With a burst of insight, you feel as if you could absorb a bit more knowledge.
  • You feel as if you could determine what to do next quicker next time.
  • You feel as if your breathing is less labored. (Endurance)
  • You feel as if you spotted more detail that time. (Perception)
  • You feel as if your focus has increased.
  • You feel as if you are able to put more power into the movement. (Strength)
  • You feel as if you are moving a little quicker. (Speed)
  • You feel as if your confidence has improved. (Willpower)

Stat Skills

Certain skills supplement your character's attributes, allowing you to save on RolePoints or StoryPoints. Learning ranks in these skills will increase their effectiveness, and when a character's bonus from the statskill is higher than the bonus from the natural attribute, you will start to see improvements with more ranks.

  • Each combat skillset has access to two skills: one that supplements Dexterity and one that supplements Perception.
  • The Combat Maneuvers skillset has two skills: one that supplements Agility and one that supplements Speed.

Learning statskills, however, has its limitations. A statskill's bonus will cap at rank 90 (grandmaster), and will provide the equivalent of being low-end Great in the relevant attribute. However, this bonus applies only to combat situations - stat skills do not increase your attributes for any other purpose. 1

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Temporary Modifiers

Your character's stats can be temporarily modified by certain substances (shh - they're a secret), prayers or blessings, coma sickness, encumbrance, sitting or laying, and other events. For example, being sprayed by a skunk will temporarily lower your Appearance, Charisma and Perception. Positive modifiers have the potential to temporarily increase your character's attributes beyond her natural cap.

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