Street Smarts
Street Smarts
Skills/Actions Difficulty To Rank SP Cost
Trainer: Visit a twisting alley cul-de-sac at the right time of day (in the Northern Steps)
Street Smarts Easy 50 10 / 5
City Hiding Difficult 50 17 / 9
City Sneaking Difficult 50 17 / 9
Trainer: Look for a haggard old man in a dead-end (in the Northern Steps)
Watcher's Sense Average 30 15 / 7
Mimic Signpost Average 30 15 / 7
Trainer: Look for a man with an empty mug (in the Eastern Steps)
Steps Cant Average 50 15 / 7
Trainer: Look for a corridor covered in colorful paint (in the Central Steps)
Paint Graffiti Easy 30 10 / 5
Trainer: Look for some rewarding entertainment (in the Northern Steps)
Stash Easy 40 10 / 5
Find Stash Average 40 15 / 7


Usage: stash <item>

What it looks like:

stash knife
[Success: 1, Roll: 52] You find a passable place in which to hide an intricately etched knife and quickly cram it into place.

Stash allows you to hide your treasured items out of sight. You will always be able to recover your stashed items, but others will have trouble, if they even know where to look. Getting more skilled at stash will allow you to hide progressively larger items.

Find Stash

Usage: search

What it looks like:

You begin to examine a high-ceilinged hall closely.
You manage to recover a tiny shiny white stone.
You finish examining a high-ceilinged hall.

Find Stash is a passive skill. It augments your ability to find the stashes of other people.

City Hiding

Usage: find cover

What it looks like:

find cover
[Success: 38, Roll: 86] You manage to find a hiding spot hidden by a long mahogany counter and move quickly to conceal yourself.

City Hiding allows you to find a good place to remain out of sight. People will be oblivious to your presence unless they actively search the area. Various factors contribute to the ability to hide in an area. Crowd size, available things to duck behind (furniture, other large objects), lighting and size of the room will all factor into the difficulty of locating an appropriate spot to hide.

City Sneaking

Usage: sneak <direction>

What it looks like:

sneak south
[Success: 95, Roll: 35] You clumsily sneak into a marble portico. A young bank clerk seems to have spotted you leaving.

City sneaking allows you to move while hiding, without revealing yourself to others. The same factors
that affect hiding also affect sneaking, but there is an additional difficulty; you must also pay attention
to the eyes of others. People who are acutely perceptive of their surroundings may prove very hard to
sneak around.

Steps Cant

Usage: cant <target> <message>

What it looks like:

<cant usage syntax>
[Success: 1, Roll: 96] You discreetly signal 'You're an idiot! Sucker!' to Sukar, quite certain that no one else noticed. However, it doesn't seem as if Sukar understands what you are trying to say.

Steps Cant allows you to communicate with others without words, just motions. It can be useful
for having an entire conversation right in front of many unaware people. Canting the cant requires
knowledge of the Steps Lingo, the native dialect of the Steps.

Mimic Signpost

Usage: signpost

What it looks like:

[Success: 76, Roll: 79] You slip to one side and remain completely still, your body frozen into the background.

Mimic Signpost allows you to attempt to blend in with a crowd. People entering an area you are sign posting in may fail to notice you initially, though they will see you if they take the time to look around.

Watcher's Sense

Usage: None. This is a passive skill.

Watcher’s Sense is a passive skill. It is a technique used to augment your ability to detect those hiding and sneaking around you. Useful if your natural perception is lacking.

Paint Graffiti


Graffiti allows you to paint your own short and simple message on an empty wall space. Perhaps there is someone you think is awful, smelly, or otherwise not to your liking and you need to express it for the entire city to see. This is generally illegal, especially in private establishments, as paint is a hassle to clean up. Getting more skilled at graffiti will allow you express your discontent in longer, deeper and more insightful messages. Graffiti requires a paint brush and a jar of paint. Color choice is up to you.

Paint Gang Marking


Paint Gang Marking allows you to mark off your turf with your gang’s very own distinctive symbol. Opposing gangs will be sure to back off and walk the other way after catching sight of your intimidating artistic abilities. Painting a gang marking properly requires you to actually be in a gang. There is no pretending.

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