1. Blacksmith: Grouthar
2. Cloth: Agni
3. Taxidermist/carcass buyer: Orentho
4. Tools: Hurghet
5. Token exchange: Borkos
6. Skins: Thorvald
7. Clothing: Ghrosch
8. Armor: Hrabruk
9. Food and drink: Narmex
10. Meat: Omgar
11. Supplies: Ealfey
12. CM/Axe/Shields trainer: Hroth
13. Organic weapon enhancement: Ghendrahda
14. Steam room
15. Charm bracelets: Bhautrull
16. Charms: Beigna


  • The guard at the entrance will allow you to enter if you offer him a tear, give him some tokens, exchange goods worth about 1000 tokens, or speak to him in Blackroot asking him to allow you to enter.
  • Ghendrahda can place a rune on an organic (bone, wood, etc.) weapon if you reach a certain reputation threshold. It will have permanent effects.

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