Taxes And Civic Finance

II. Taxes and Civic Finance

A tributum may be levied by the Centuriate Assembly or the Dictator
in times of emergency. The tributum will consist of no more than a
fifteen percent tax on land and property.

Conquered provinces will pay tributum, as established by the
Centuriate Assembly or the presiding Consul.

State Finances
The State Treasury will be maintained at the Aerarium at the Iridine
Forum, and shall be overseen by the Quaestors under the supervision
of the Senate.

The Twelve Tables of Iridine Law
I. Census and Citizenship
II. Taxes and Civic Finance
III. Assemblies and Legislation
IV. Military Service
V. Justice and Courts
VI. Criminal Acts
VII. Magistracies
VIII. Marriage, Inheritance and Funerals
IX. Commerce
X. Debt
XI. Punishment
XII. Building and Civic Maintenance

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