Tec Related Sites

TEC-Related Sites:

TEC Homepage The Eternal City's Skotos Homepage
TEC Facebook page Promotions and other announcements
TEC Forums The Eternal City Forums - discussions, announcements, promotions, and more
Discord The Eternal City's unOfficial discord
Marnevel's Maps Marnevel's legendary TEC gameworld maps. While these remain relatively accurate, many have since been updated here on the wiki
Annatar's Guide to TEC A thorough, lore-friendly introduction to Roman weapons, armor, and clothing, including images.
Vino's Vineyard The original introduction to TEC. Probably one of the oldest TEC sites out there. Dated content, but some good info in there.
Pepa Quest Maps Maps are quite outdated, but provide a bit of nostalgic charm for us old players. Most of the rest of Pepa's site can be found on the internet archive
Guild of Rangers (GoR) Includes some interesting info about plants and lore, and has some poetry and stories
Fighter's Guide Combat guide for newbies. Old but still useful and accurate.
TEC Player Pictures Pics of your fellow players. Used to be discussed and updated in this forum thread. Site seems to have gone down in 2019 - here's the internet archive version
TEC 3D The amazing idea that never quite materialized.
More TEC Sites Additional player sites, listed on the main TEC homepage.

Note that some player sites are quite old and outdated. They're preserved here for historic reasons.

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