The Murder Of Jalian Triarchus


Written by a player:

Morning, 20 Ereal, 246 YR

The Colosseum

I was present at the murder of Jalian Triarchus, son of Calastor Triarchus, the governor of Rock Valley. Jalian Triarchus was slain by the well-known assassin Hiserian during the laurel wreath ceremony for the gladiators after the games on 20 Ereal, 246.

What follows are my own observations.

I was attending the games in company with a changing group of people, which usually included fellow constable recruit Damov and Assistant Justice Celeres Illryia's retainer Leonaii. Approximately midway through the games, Hiserian joined us with some other citizens, speaking of bets made and lost. I had met him on the street a couple of days earlier and I'd heard rumors that he was an assassin.

At the Colosseum, in the presence of many others, I informed Hiserian, "I found out about you."

He replied, "What did you find out?"

"You're a deadly assassin," I told him.

"Correct," he replied.

Hiserian showed no sign of nervousness that I could see. He remained with our group, and I made a point to refer to him as a "deadly assassin" several times in front of people, including some Legionaries. Hiserian largely ignored me, occasionally looking up to the private boxes of patricians and illustrious citizens, but when Recruit Damov asked him if he was looking for anyone, he (Hiserian) said no. Still, Damov and I kept our eyes on him until the grand melee, in which Damov took part.

So I was almost alone when Hiserian abruptly left in the middle of the melee. My suspicions were aroused and I wandered the bleachers to see if anything untoward was happening, but found nothing. Then Maera, the City Steward's retainer, announced the end of the games and the ceremony for the gladiators at the entrance to the Colosseum. Though I was not a gladiator, I attended the ceremony. Damov was there naturally, but so was Hiserian.

"Why did you leave during the middle of the melee?" I asked Hiserian, in front of everyone.

He made a slightly vulgar reference to bodily exigencies. I was still suspicious, but the ceremony was proceeding, with the young patrician handing out wreaths of laurel leaves to the gladiators. In the middle of this, quite without warning, Hiserian lunged forward and stabbed Jalian Triarchus, essentially gutting him in one strike.

Chaos naturally ensued. Hiserian fled, people ran to chase him, somebody grabbed the corpse of Jalian Triarchus, Maera called for a constable. I told her I was merely a recruit and couldn't enforce any laws (although later I suggested that people leave the corpse in situ and made other suggestions, because, I reasoned, as a private citizen I would do the same thing. Not everyone is as rational as I am.). Maera asked me if I could take a report and I agreed. She knew less about the case than I did, unfortunately. I explained to everyone who and what Hiserian was and I described his behavior during the games.

Lucian Allende thought out that Hiserian's crime was utterly deplorable and he authorized, first constables and Legio, then all residents to seek out Hiserian to collect a bounty. This struck me as being counter to the purpose behind the XII Tables and I felt the Phoenix Guard should be used, but it was not my place to question.

I searched like everyone else. I mentioned, thinking aloud, that what Hiserian had done was very stupid and that he hadn't seemed to be a stupid man. He replied, "For enough money." I pointed out he would have to leave Iridine alive. Legionary Decurion Boonyakis agreed with this assessment. Hiserian's killing of Jalian Triarchus in front of so many witnesses made no sense. Most people were interested in blood or blood money, but I wanted to find out the truth.

Hiserian was taken while kneeling, perhaps praying, in the small shrine near the Stone Toga Inn. Once his position was made clear, everyone who'd been searching for him converged on him, and the first to converge were not authorities. I was afraid someone would kill Hiserian since Allende had said "dead or alive," and it was obvious to me that he had to be questioned. Eventually Legio came and got things under control (Decurion Boonyakis is an intelligent man) and then Constable Avangeline arrived and Hiserian was properly arrested.

The entry to constable HQ was filled with people decrying the deranged mind of the assassin and discussing who would get the bounty Lucian Allende had placed, etc. I was interested in finding things out so I left HQ and went around to the little window that opens onto the jail cell. Hiserian was in there, shackled. I told him who I was and asked him a question. He gave me a partial answer.

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