The Second Battle Of The Chasm


"… it was on the third day they made themselves seen, and I emphasize this because they are seen only when they wish. They rose up all at once upon the crest of the hill, tall, wild-haired, and each one noisier than a wild buck whipped into frenzy. We could barely see their skin, so vivid was the warpaint that covered them completely. Their rank was alive with colors, but the most prominent were red and black, the colors of blood and death. The barbarians were near-naked yet all the more rash because of it. Occasionally among their number strode an elder warrior, wearing the glint of fine mail and the grotesque masks of their iron helmets.

Every warrior waved about a great axe, some bore two. These were no ordinary axes, but the kind used to chop lumber - multiplied two-fold in breadth of blade. It with a deafening scream that each warrior brought his axe to our line, and it was only by the grace of Ereal that we held that day…"

- Report by Subalturn Scio Eberus, after the Second Battle of the Chasm

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