The Steps South


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1. Bar: Antirus
2. Bar: Pathus
3. Bar: Lathian
4. Beaded jewelry: Azia
5. Brawling trainer, betting and bar: Pela, Oppas, Pugilius (downstairs)
6. Paint: Lexus
7. Warm Haven Insula: Julima
8. Warm Haven Insula kitchen: A burly old cook
9. Pafira's Textile Merchandise: Parfira
10. The Wheat Sheave: Ceresta
11. Elegance Soap Shop: Glaucia
12. Lucky Day Pawnshop: Cratum
13. Clothing: Lelise
14. Nimble Fingers Basket Shop: Augrus
15. Pompia’s Porridge Shop: Pompia
16. Meat (beef): Trilus

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