Time and dates

Time and Conversions

Time in Iridine passes faster than in the real world, at roughly four times the rate of real life.


To more easily convey real time to in-game time, the term "Candlemark" was created. A candlemark of in-game time represents an hour of real life time. (e.g., if you're supposed to meet someone in a real life hour, you'd ask to meet in a candlemark.)

Iridine time Real time
1 hour ("quarter candlemark") 15 minutes
4 hours ("one candlemark") 1 hour
24 hours 6 hours
4 days 24 hours

Days, weeks and months

  • Week: An Iridine week consists of eight, 24-hour Iridine days.
  • Month: An Iridine month is 4 Iridine weeks.
  • Festivals: Interspersed throughout the year are week- and two-week-long festivals, celebrating aspects of Ereal. The festival periods fall between the months.

Annual Iridine calendar:


  • Festival for Ereal of the Morning (compassion/hope), also known as Palilia: 2 weeks
  • Ereal: 1 month
  • Scran: 1 month
  • Tulcas: 1 month


  • Festival for Ereal the Conqueror (noon-sun, war/vengeance), also known as Armilustrium: 1 week
  • Aera: 1 month
  • Palut: 1 month


  • Festival for Ereal of the Evening (harvest/abundance), also known as Lupercalia: 1 week
  • Invex: 1 month
  • Jemros: 1 month
  • Allinius: 1 month


  • Festival for Ereal the Wanderer (night, pray for His return), also known as Feralia: 1 week
  • Lucifal: 1 month
  • Rindak: 1 month
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