Timeline of Iridine's history:

Era of Kings

  • 1-48 — Tulca rules as first King of Iridine
  • 48-81 — Granthulius rules as second King of Iridine. Conquers the kingdom of Monlon.
  • 81-105 — Vetallun rules as third King of Iridine.
  • 105 — Quintus the Marauder seizes the throne from Vetallun and becomes the fourth King.
  • 135 — Ielios Pardelian makes gains in war against the Parcines.
  • 136 — Quintus the Marauder assassinated by supportes of the Tulcas. Tulca II becomes 5th King.
  • ??? — Long, unpopular war with the Aestivan League begins.
  • 201 — Tulca II removed to Cinera in a coup by his nephew, Parsos Emrial, the 6th King.
  • ??? — Aestivan War continues
  • 213 — Parsos Emrial methodically executes opponents. In response Valstaron Martius negotiates a peace with the Aestivan League and marches on Iridine. Birth of the Republic.

Year of the Republic

  • 2 — Early Treaties and Battle: A treaty between Iridine and the sea-faring nation of Fehcratos is signed, establishing trade relations. Tralius Allende, one of the newly restored nobles, holds back the Cineran army at the Vetallun Bridge (over the Salinae River).
  • 6 — Aestivan War Re-ignites: The Aestivan League agrees to send emissaries to Iridine in the hopes of finding a peaceful resolution to the continuing conflict. A small faction within Iridine manages to assassinate the emissaries, and the war with the Aestivans resumes.
  • 15 — The Iridine army wins a decisive victory against the Aestivans at the Battle of the Legion of Oaks. This, in effect, ends the war, and Iridine turns to internal matters.
  • 17 — Secession of the Plebeians: The First Tribune of the Plebs is established to protect plebeian interests from the whims and power of Iridine patricians.
  • 19 — First Aestivan Treaty: Four years after the Battle of the Legion of Oaks victory, a treaty is signed with the Aestivan League, officially ending hostilities.
  • c. 20 — The Altene people settle on the peninsula of Tuchea.
  • 30-31 — A brief war with Tuchea begins, led by Admiral Umbran Arxaeth. After several decisive victories at sea and on Tuchean soil, the war ends with Iridine victory. In order to protect the population of Windward, Iridine annexes Windward Island as a protectorate, and appoints a Governor to represent Iridine’s interests on the Island.
  • 52 — Parcine Invasion: The Kelestians ally themselves with Parcines and invade Iridine. Iridine is preoccupied with internal matters prior to the war and her leaders fail to anticipate the invasion. This failure leads to several early massacres of the Legions, and a forced withdrawal of the Republic’s forces to a position fifty miles interior to the previous established border.
  • 54 — The sitting consuls are embarrassed by their inept leadership — Lantrastes Pardelian summoned from retirement to the dictatorship to save the Iridine army from a near-debacle in the war on the Kelestians.
  • 65 — Lantrastes Pardelian finishes organizing the Legion and training a cadre of talented and competent officers. The protracted and bloody war with Kelestia and Parcine continues and escalates under this new leadership. Lantrastes Pardelian retires to Iridine due to his ailing health leaving the new generation of officers he has trained to implement and execute his final strategies. Meanwhile, the Senate has composed and ratified The Twelve Tables, the formalized laws of Iridine.
  • 78 — The Parcine War Ends: After twenty-six years of inconclusive battles and strife within the Legion, Kelestians and Parcines are driven from Iridine soil, and the war is ended.
  • 100 — Seige of Franlius by Iridine begins under Consul Adrian Lantos.
  • 100-109 — War Against Amerton at Franlius: The Senate receives word that the powerful Southern Cineran Warlord Amerton I at Franlius is planning to escalate incursions into Iridine into an actual war. Moving swiftly, the legions work in concert to lay siege to Franlius. Legio II maintains the siege while Legio I, led by Consul Altaran Calsuan, prevents reinforcements and supplies from reaching the beleaguered stronghold. The residents, driven by hunger and plague, finally open the gates to the Iridine legions. Franlius is razed and its population sent to Cinera, causing an outbreak of plague in that land.
  • 109 — Franlius captured and razed.
  • 115 — Iridine army defeated by the Barbarians at the Esign River. Iridine sacked, but the Capitol (The Tip) stands for five months under the command of Arandes Pardelian until the forces of Adrian Lantos arrive to drive back the barbarians.
  • 117 — Barbarian Hordes cross the Blackroot Moutains and invade the Thalian Valley. The legions meet the attack, and drive them back with several quick and decisive victories.
  • 117 — The Steps Riot of 117
  • 127 — The Senate approves several building projects in Iridine, the most notable of which is the Lantos Wall that encircles greater Iridine.
  • 159 — Second Aestivan War: Relations with the Aestivan League become tense, and deteriorate further after a visiting dignitary is killed in Iridine. War is inevitable.
  • 162 — After losing several strategic victories, Iridine repulses the Aestivan advances and secures a resounding victory.
  • 163 — The Senate and Aestiva sign The Second Aestivan Treaty. Popular support for the treaty is absent in the Aestivan League, and many are unhappy with the stipulations concerning trade with Iridine.
  • 165 — Border skirmishes with Cinera. Tensions rise.
  • 167 — War with Cinera: After an increased number of border skirmishes with Cinera, the Legions are positioned to repulse a Cineran attack. Despite this precaution, the Cinerans invade and attempt to seize Astraea and the surrounding territory. Legio I meets the Cineran threat and steadily pushes them back across the border.
  • 170 — After the death of Skelis, the foremost Cineran warlord, Cinera sues for peace. A treaty is signed ceding Cineran territory to Iridine. Tensions run high in Cinera, and civil war seems imminent.
  • 174 — The Hunt of the Ut-Jor! Prominent patrician, Septum Anande (father of the Senator Oman Anande), and his entourage, are killed in Iridine by a party of barbarians known as the Ut-Jor. During a leisure hunting excursion, the senator had killed a Rain Elk, one of the Ut-Jor’s animal guides, near an Ut-Jor village, prompting the retaliatory hunt.
  • 202 — War betwen Cenath and Tuchea
  • 206 — New Cineran War Begins: Cineran slavers abduct citizens from Iridine, including some patricians and legio members. Iridine retaliates, and war with Cinera begins once more.
  • 207 — Iridine suffers crushing defeat by the Cinerans and Iridine is occupied.
  • 208 — Consuls Calsuan and Allende march on Iridine with Legios I and II. Calsuan arrives first and drives the Cinerans from the city. He is named Dictator in the aftermath of the victory and the Senate is re-formed. There is a cessation to hostilities, and an uneasy peace ensues.
  • 209 — A representative of the White Cineran is killed when attempting to parley with Iridine. This ends the possibility of a quick peace with Cinera. Skirmishes are fought on the border, but no focused attack is mounted by Cinera.
  • 211 — Cinera invades Northern Iridine, and attempts to gain a foothold in Monlon.
  • 214 — Calsuan is assassinated in his home. Very few clues are found in the ensuing investigation. Seredian Allende and Atriarch Anande are named joint consuls and Sordo Calsuan demands further investigation into the Dictator’s death.
  • 215 — The Aestivan League joins the war on the side of Cinera.
  • 217 or 218 — Aestivan General Narisse seizes the Monlon fort, destroying an Iridine cohort in the process.
  • 219 — War with Cinera & Aestiva reaches a turning point.
  • 220 — Consul Seredian Allende rescued from the Black Wolves. (See Rescue of Seredian Allende)
  • 233 — Cinerans assault the city of Monlon. Aestivans temporarily ally with Iridine to defend the Holy City. Sordo Calsuan awarded with the name Cinius for his valour against the Cinerans.
  • 246 — Rock Valley sacked by Barbarians
  • 247 — …
  • 267/8 - The city is plagued by assaults from shadowy figures and the forces of the fallen Priestess, Dalmia. Ravanites are discovered using a network of tunnels in parts of the city that were lost to history, deep below the modern streets.
  • 290 - Work on the road from Vetallun to Seld has begun. Black Hand Bandits have been cleared out of the Black Hand Cavern.
  • 292 - The road between Vetallun and Seld has been completed. Seld has re-opened its village to the public.

Unknown time — The Second Battle of the Chasm

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