Town Hall Meeting 03 27 2020

You ask Senses, "On a scale of 1 to 10, how tired are you of hearing about the lag?"
Senses says to you, "100000000"
Promqueen asks Senses, "Getting closer to the source?"
Senses says to Promqueen, "It is one of the most frustrating problems I have faced in my life."
Promqueen says to Senses, "You should delete the TM Fort and see if that works."
Senses says to Promqueen, "What is scary, is that you are most likely not wrong."
Promqueen says, "It originally got worse when npc spawns were adjusted."
Senses says to you, "The posts you all have made in the forums and discord about lag have helped me narrow it down. While most of our problems are server or internet related, there are things I can do to baby the game as much as possible. That is why we are not crashing or lagging 5-30 seconds every command like we were a few weeks ago."
Senses says, "I hope you all have seen some improvements, a reduction in quantity of game pauses, and the length of them when they occur."
Senses says, "One day, I was disconnected about nine times. The next day, zero problems."
A man in a hooded cloak made of player's tears asks Senses, "Is a hardware upgrade needed or a staff to clean up programming?"
Senses says to a man in a hooded cloak made of player's tears, "Neither of those have been selected as a near-term answer."
Senses says to a man in an opulent malachite hooded cloak, "I would love to do a hardware upgrade as quickly as possible."
Senses says to a man in a hooded cloak made of player's tears, "However, that can has been kicked down the road for other reasons Siddhe mentioned in her forum post."
Promqueen says to Senses, "Sceadu said it moved to the cloud last year."
Senses says to Promqueen, "My goal is to get us into a dedicated gaming server."
Senses says to DerekSolace, "Siddhe and I both agree that deleting meaningful things from the gameworld to cut down on lag is a price too high to pay."
You ask Senses, "So in your mind, right now, what do you believe is the likely culprit for these freezing issues? You seem to think it is more hardware related, so that would imply a lack of memory?"
Senses says to you, "As I am sure you have read, Shannon has been making a lot of changes on the server machine to prepare for our split from Skotos. That, and a 30% increase in database size means that we are going to have some problems to iron out before it is back to the "normal" we enjoyed last year."
You ask Senses, "Given the size and actual usefulness of something like Cullaiden Island, would it make sense to consider nuking it into oblivion?"
Senses says to you, "[SPOILERS]"
Senses says to you, "I had planned to nuke it last year when we were facing lag problems, but the decision was made to call it off at the last minute since other efforts to fix lag were working better than expected."

You exclaim to Senses, "Oh, by the way, congrats on your 1-year anniversary as a GM!"
Senses exclaims to you, "Thank you!"

A man in a G.I. Joe mask asks Senses, "Revert last month. Never really addressed. Any idea if that's lost to oblivion or still on the radar?"
Senses says to a man in a G.I. Joe mask, "My opinion on the revert is that is was only for 30 minutes, and that is a blow too soft to need any free prizes to soften it further."
Senses says to a man in a G.I. Joe mask, "Instead of making it rain RPs, I have instead tried to focus on making sure it doesn't happen again, and do some fun events in the mean time so I don't lose my mind."
Senses says to a man in a G.I. Joe mask, "Indeed. It is quite a task to shape a world where so many different people, with different opinions and values can share and enjoy together."
A man in a G.I. Joe mask says to Senses, "Yes, I like that you're doing events. It's a good thing for the gameworld."
Senses says to a man in a G.I. Joe mask, "Some times, the reason that an important decision is not made in a timely fashion is because even the other staff members and I have yet to come to an agreement on what the best option is."
Senses says to a man in a G.I. Joe mask, "Thank you. Analog and I collaborate well and we have tried with our 2 main arcs that are going on right now, to design them in a way that any player regardless of affiliation will have something to get involved in."

You say to Senses, "I have to ask the inevitable question.. Do you have any updates about Traits/National Lores to share? I know a lot of folks over on Discord were eager to know more."
Senses says to you, "The traits revamp is nearly complete. 26 new national lores and 12 new traits are done and ready to implement. The hang up has been integrating them into the chargen and new traits menu, which I was able to conquer last week."
Senses says to you, "After the rest of the staff has a chance to review and polish, I want to head towards public release - and let you all try everything out and help iron out any bugs or balance issues along the way."
Tonpo asks Senses, "Not to hijack the conversation, but you mentioned you handled the issue related to traits last week, does that mean we will see new traits within a few days?"
Senses says to Tonpo, "Maybe not that soon, but I am closer than ever."

Tonpo says to Senses, "Any odds we will be able to get patch notes of some sorts in the future? So we know commands such as tongue cut have been disabled? Or are we meant to find out when we are trying to do it."
Senses says to Tonpo, "I did not know either until it was tried recently, Siddhe informed me."
Senses says to Tonpo, "My suggestion was to make a public post detailing what is acceptable/unacceptable from an OOC standpoint for PVP. Siddhe and I collaborated on the list, but it has not been posted yet."
Tonpo says to Senses, "On the subject, do you have information on future plans for player conflict? It appears to be all but dead currently with limited options."
Senses says to Tonpo, "I am at the information gathering stage, but it is obvious the PVP system needs an overhaul. Half the mechanics are either broken or dumb."

A man in a G.I. Joe mask asks Siddhe, "Post-skotos subscription details please?"
Siddhe says to a man in a G.I. Joe mask, "Post-Skotos, subscriptions will stay the same for at least a month or two, until I can see exactly what is involved in running this circus. After that, we'll be sharing new perks for different levels of subscriptions, letting you know what our version of StPs will be, etc."
Siddhe says to a man in a G.I. Joe mask, "I will share it as soon as I am able to do so."
A man in a G.I. Joe mask asks Siddhe, "Even just StP conversion. What if I hang onto these super old points, for nothing, when I could have RP converted for half off stats, or whatever scenario fits the player?"
Siddhe says to a man in a G.I. Joe mask, "StP are a Skotos thing. When we separate from Skotos, those will go with it. We will be figuring out a way for people to use those with a new system. When I have that information, I will share it."

Wondermoon says to Siddhe, "Oh.. okay. Well don't take this the wrong way but I'm wondering if the extreme wait times of item alterations/custom/char makeovers can be looked at. We are only given the option to have one a month but in many cases we aren't even getting 1 approved a month."
Wondermoon says to Siddhe, "And.. on top of that if you guys would consider taking on volunteers to streamline the process a bit."
Siddhe says to Wondermoon, "You were next, I believe re: requests. I'm currently training someone to assist with filling those, to make sure they are done a little quicker. Unfortunately, the little rollbacks ate quite a few of the filled requests, so redoing those took up some of March's time."
Wondermoon exclaims to Siddhe, "Ahh. Sorry. I had one in since like feb 19th. So was just wondering. Thanks!"
Siddhe says to Wondermoon, "No worries at all. Yeah, redoing the ones that were already done, pushed them back some."

Tonpo says to Siddhe, "What sort of plans do you have to revitalize orgs? Is bringing back dead orgs part of it? When will this take place? I also have loads of questions about PVP and what sort of input may help you."
Siddhe says to Tonpo, "Orgs are on our list to look at this year. We've been talking about a few different ways to handle them, that would allow for more groups, but without the need for as much direct GM involvement. This would mean former and/or dead orgs would have the opportunity to be recognized. Players will need to meet certain goals or criteria in order to continue to receive support."
Tonpo asks Siddhe, "As in, they would be able to access certain commands without waiting for GM assistance?"
Siddhe says to Tonpo, "It's on the list, but not at the *top* of the list. When we've settled on the best course for going forward, we'll lay out the structure for everyone."

Philip asks Siddhe, "Towards the end of last year it was stated that the end of March would be the ownership transfer. What is the current ETA of that transfer being finalized?"
Siddhe asks Philip, "Did you see my recent forum post?"
Philip says to Siddhe, "No sir, I get my info here or discord."
Siddhe says to Philip, "Ma'am. ;) Also, discord is not where I'd get official information. ;) Also, the TEC/Skotos split is being pushed back a few weeks."
Philip asks Siddhe, "End of April…ish?"
Siddhe says to Philip, "At least. I'm guessing you've heard about the world being mostly closed down. That has thrown some wrenches into getting things wrapped up from the business side. Plus there are a few other things that still need to be done."

DerekSolace says to Siddhe, "Two parts, any eta to fix the log in from the main page and any possible way when we go from skotos we can have a built in link to new players like come try this game."
Siddhe says to DerekSolace, "I can't fix the log in page, until I can access the website. Which will come after the split. And I'm not sure what you mean by built-in link."
DerekSolace says, "Like say i wanted to refer someone new to TEC."
DerekSolace says, "Wow has a refer a friend I can put there email in and it sends them a link."
DerekSolace says, "We should do the same."
Siddhe says to DerekSolace, "I'm not sure if we'll have the ability to embed referral links into a "play now" kind of URL, but you could always just email them a link to the page and say "come play, yo". I DO hope to incorporate more referral incentives, though."

TheDarknightX asks Senses, "Combat changes need to implement the experience and perspectives of many, not just a few. The opportunity to share thoughts is an important step for this better. transparent, communicative TEC community. Will you post before actual implementation of traits, and other system changes?"
Siddhe says to TheDarknightX, "I feel like we've been doing a pretty good job of posting things as we've been adding them, with the first batch of traits posted & also the national things. And I've said we'll be as transparent as possible in terms of how things work - this affects that, xyz gives you a +2 to fire bolts of death, etc. I still plan for that to be the case."
TheDarknightX says to Siddhe, "I think posting things before they're implemented is great, even if players disagree with some of the details."
TheDarknightX says to Siddhe, "The process of communicating before changes are made are important."
Siddhe says to TheDarknightX, "We've done that so far. I don't see that it will change."
TheDarknightX smiles to Siddhe, "Glad to hear it."

Philippecp says to Siddhe, "Hi Siddhe. As always a big fan of the game. I love where we are despite the obvious. Thank you so much for being here tonight."
Philippecp says to Siddhe, "My question is about accountability and what might be the best method to reach you regarding prior conversations or unnacceptable interactions with GM staff."
Philippecp says to Siddhe, "As an example you and I have a pending @request conversation from August of 2019. You told me you get no notifications once you initially reply to a @request and so you don't follow up unless you remember to. I don't blame anyone for letting these things slip by."
Philippecp says to Siddhe, "Even so, I've been trying to reach you via other means. I've left messages with other GMs, I've re-replied to the @request system, and I've messaged you on the forums since February to no reply."
Philippecp asks Siddhe, "This is incredibly frustrating. All I'm asking for is a "Yes Philippe. I read your message." I don't require action other than that. Communication is something I value and I find myself having to enjoy the game despite this challenge. How do I best go about resolving this?"
Siddhe says to Philippecp, "I don't have access to my forum PMs, I mentioned that the last few times I've chatted with folks out here. The little number count keeps rising to show me people are messaging, but I can't actually SEE anything. So if you've sent anything there, I don't get it."
Philippecp says, "That's news to me."
Siddhe asks Philippecp, "You may have missed my chats, but yeah, for probably - at least 6, 8 months?"
Siddhe says to Philippecp, "I will dig through for any unanswered @requests from you when we wrap up here, and respond tonight. I don't want to hit pause in the middle of this chat, though."
Philippecp says to Siddhe, "So how do I relate my feedback about my interaction with a GM? How do I get in touch with you? That was my question."
Siddhe smiles to Philippecp, "You get in touch with me via @request, or via the bell, if I am around."
Philippecp asks Siddhe, "So when I tried you on the Bell I was told that wasn't an appropriate way to get in touch with you. Can you please relay that's what you've asked of me to the remainder?"
Siddhe says to Philippecp, "@request would be the way to contact me for most all of the things. If you need me, specifically, because you need to speak with me privately, because you wanted to discuss another staff member, or an account situation you considered confidential, you could ring the bell."
Philippecp smiles to Siddhe, "Thank you for answering my questions. And thanks again for coming!"
Siddhe says to Philippecp, "Ringing the bell to say hi, or to tell me you've submitted an @request or to tell me the weather in Idaho, is not really a great way to use the bell."
Philippecp says to Siddhe, "That's not how I ring the bell."
Siddhe grins to Philippecp, "Then you're all set."

A man in a G.I. Joe mask asks Siddhe, "@retire eta?"
Siddhe smiles to a man in a G.I. Joe mask, "I can make this super easy for you. Please don't ask me for ETAs on things, because I don't give them. When we've worked through all the issues that stand in front of @retire, it'll be released."
Siddhe says, "ETAs are bad, because stuff happens. Like, we had said March for the TEC/Skotos split, and then the world fell apart. So that's changed."
A man in a G.I. Joe mask asks Siddhe, "Okay. Can I get an idea of why it's so difficult? I read about it after coming back and figured it would be released by now. I'm not meaning to sound difficult, I just feel uninformed, and asking questions about something that didn't need to be announced if it wasn't close to release?"
Siddhe says to a man in a G.I. Joe mask, "It was announced because people had asked if it was possible, and we discussed it, and said sure, we like that idea. That's in the pipeline."

Druceo says to Siddhe, "Long time fan, called in with questions many a time…. Could we get Senses some manner of official account on forums or social media? A lot of us didn't figure out the monthly promo until someone noticed it in the *news forum by luck."
Siddhe says, "Senses has tried to make a forum account. For whatever reason, it will not create. Much like the fact that no one has been able to change my own forum account from SG to GM… the forums are just really not awesome in terms of their functionality."
Philippecp says, "I mean the WA *forums are not how we as a playerbase want to receive information. Let's fac eit."
Siddhe winks to Philippecp, "No offense, but whether or not people "want" to be given information via *news it's literally the game's official news channel. Soooo. They should either learn to read it now and then, or they should find a friend who will."
Senses says to Druceo, "Thank you. When the website passes hands along with the rest of the switch, I should be able to fix it."
Philippecp says to Siddhe, "No offense taken. I'm in high spirits through all of this."
Siddhe says to Senses, "Yas."

A man in a superhero mask and cape says to Siddhe, "My question is not my own personal ones."
A man in a superhero mask and cape says to Siddhe, "My one and only major question from the UNOFFICIAL Discord where all the cool community people hang out and enjoy chatting is the following. You have had a year to change things and the community is concerned about a few topics but this one was mentioned several times. "
A man in a superhero mask and cape says to Siddhe, "You were gone for 2 large chunks of time and there was no communication until a forum post after the fact. How will this be fixed going forward in such a tumultuous time for our community stability?"
A man in a superhero mask and cape says to Siddhe, "A follow up: Some people are concerned that when you are away that the other staff have to wait to do things like Requests, move storylines, setup events - like it was during the last administration. Any comment or clarity you would like to share with us?"
Siddhe says to a man in a superhero mask and cape, "Even when I'm not physically "here" I talk to all of the staff, every single day. They're not waiting on me for "permission" to do anything. :P They just ask me, or I tell them I trust them to make a decision on the fly and they can follow up with me about if we need to tweak it."

Talax seams to smile as he says to Siddhe, "My mind was peeked when groups were mentioned, obviously the Cult is extremely Gm centric for acolytes with revealers and such I was wondering as I am asked all the time if when this happens if we could get maybe a wing to allow more to act as lesser members so it does not feel so much like playing alone wh."
Siddhe asks Talax, "I'm not sure what you mean by "get a wing"?"
Talax seams to smile as he says to Siddhe, "I know why we have not has a new band of acolytes is how much GM work it takes."
Talax seams to smile as he says, "I do not know I hate not having a path for people."
Siddhe says to Talax, "The current group of SGLites are doing fairly well. We learned some lessons from their implementation, and I think we're ready to open up official SGLite applications soon. From within those SGLites, I hope to bring up at least 1-2 more SGs by this summer. The more "storytellers" we have, the more IG groups we'll be able to support, and the freer some of the current staff may be to take on "pet projects" of certain groups - like the cult, or SoE, or other groups that it will be easy to bring into storylines."
Siddhe says, "And, not to give any spoilers, but with the storylines already written out, the SoE and the cult will have things to do, as will basically every other IG org."

A man in a G.I. Joe mask says to Siddhe, "It makes sense why youd not give ETAs. However, with a broad range of plans for 2020, and the first quarter already being."
A man in a G.I. Joe mask asks, "Done with little on the list to show for it, how are we as players supposed to put faith into announcements made?"
Siddhe says to a man in a G.I. Joe mask, "@retire is in the works. Sometimes, and this goes back to why we don't give actual dates or ETAs, things pop up in the process of working on those things. As in, when we started to walk through the coding, implementation, etc. it was determined that *other things* would first have to be re-coded, moved around, created, etc. So it wasn't as fast as we had hoped. I know you don't know me well, but I do my best to keep my word. It's still being worked on. When all the pieces that were discovered in the process are completed, it will be announced."
A man in a G.I. Joe mask asks Siddhe, "Also, before even wanting to apply for SGlite, I'd like to hear more about your story process and what's allowed or expected of them?"
Siddhe says to a man in a G.I. Joe mask, "I'll be posting all the requirements in the forums when I officially announce the open application process."
A man in a G.I. Joe mask says to Siddhe, "Yes, but I don't apply for jobs without knowing how they operate to know I'm a good fit. I don't want to apply for something that is outside how I wish to do it. Saves us both time."
Siddhe winks to a man in a G.I. Joe mask, "And you'll be able to read all those things before you fill out the application."

A man in a superhero mask and cape says to Siddhe, "The community wants to know if somehow things on this ship get turned in a wonderful direction and it's not all doom and gloom: How can they help besides just waiting patiently and working on unofficial clients? Some of them want to help financially once TEC is official in your hands by going premium and buying th."
Siddhe says to a man in a superhero mask and cape, "People can help right now by just staying involved. There are some HUGE storylines coming up. Come in, get involved, bring your friends."
Siddhe says, "I DID say "HUGE" storylines."
Siddhe says, "Y'all just need to get your asses IG and get involved. Also, that reminds me - you cannot die an @chop death if you're not, you know, playing."

Azerafyi says to Siddhe, "Scolve began some stuff, though left some of it unfinished, some of the new traits offer things towards those areas too, will there be the possability of more heretical back stories , providing a little more info on historical stuff , thats currently mostly unavailable, or only known by chars that are y."
Azerafyi says, " years and years old."
Siddhe winks to Azerafyi, "Religion, in various forms, will continue to be fleshed out this year, yes. Can I promise it's the storyline Scolve had planned? Nope, because there's not a lot of notes from what he was thinking. But there will be stories for all sides of the religion coin, including maybe ones you don't even know yet."

A man in a grotesque masque repeats himselfs to Siddhe, "Im still waiting on the tattoo artist to visit the city."
Siddhe asks a man in a grotesque masque, "It does seem like it's almost time for a tattoo artist, doesn't it?"
Siddhe makes a mental note.

Nekrot asks Siddhe, "Are tattoos still considered a separate makeover thing requiring an additional makeover RP cost to add one to a character's description during a makeover?"
Siddhe says to Nekrot, "If you're getting an entire makeover, I'll throw the tattoo in there for free. I think it used to be makeover RP + tattoo RP costs, but that seems silly to me, TBH."

Philippecp says to Siddhe, "Some time ago we shot around the idea of having region/city specific events for a season. Ie: Bouties in the Steps, scavenger hunts in RV. All in an effort to concentrate the playerbase and highlight some of that lore that might have been lost over the years."
Philippecp asks Siddhe, "Have you guys distilled anything around that? Is this latest Vetallun story where you guys wound up with that?"
Siddhe says to Philippecp, "The Vet story will serve a specific purpose, which will become clear with time. The added benefit, is that I think it gives players a fun opportunity to "modernize" Vet, because to the best of my knowledge, it has looked exactly the same since 1917."
Siddhe says, "Vet's "rebuild" is going to be largely player-drive. I hope you all attend the events, because how Vet looks a month from now will be heavily influenced by character decisions."

Rpjane asks Siddhe, "I am curious to know if Eternal City is in need of or going to make any push for additional staff members?"
Rpjane smiles to Siddhe, "I stepped away from the keyboard for an extended period, so if it was already asked, my apologies!"
Siddhe says to Rpjane, "You may not have been in here earlier for the question, but our goal for the SGLite program is to pull at least 1-2 new SGs up by this summer."
Celticdark randy savages to Siddhe, "What about actual gms?"
Rpjane points at Celticdark.
Rpjane says to Siddhe, "That's the question. For plotting and/or coding."
Siddhe says to Celticdark, "All new GMs must go through the SG program. That's a policy I announced quite awhile back."
Siddhe says to Rpjane, "I'll be posting the requirements, qualifications, and application process in the forums before too long."

Philippecp says to Siddhe, "When's that villa auction gonna end? I'm tired of just driving up the price."
Philippecp says to Siddhe, "I thought it was going to be an RL week after the auction. That's what we talked about I think."
Siddhe says to Philippecp, "I promised I'd give a heads up before I closed it, which I will do tonight. I'll let it run another couple of days, and then close."
Siddhe says to Philippecp, "Due to a side issue, the auction had to be restarted. I wanted to be fair in giving enough time for people to rebid."
Philippecp asks Siddhe, "Will the last day be announced to the hour kind of thing?"
Siddhe says to Philippecp, "Yes."

A man in a grotesque masque repeats himselfs to Siddhe, "Are things like tongue cuts and other pvp things still buyable? or are they all de activated?"
Siddhe says to a man in a grotesque masque, "You can totally coma people. I forget what other PvP things are buyable through RPs. Some of those may still work. A lot of things have been disabled for a long time, and honestly, we're just going to look at the entire system and rehaul it. I'd like to give MORE opportunities for people to do PvP things that don't require a GM, like permascars, possibly branding, etc."
A man in a grotesque masque repeats himselfs to Siddhe, "I know tongue cut was active about a year ago, and i heard someone say they couldnt anymore… its just sad there will be only 2 mutes and no more joining."
Celticdark randy savages to Siddhe, "Should just have open pks again."
Siddhe says to Celticdark, "Open PKs won't happen."
Siddhe says, "That was the initial point of death island."
Siddhe says, "A place people that wanted to just kill each other could hang out and do that. But it didn't work like that in the end."
Celticdark randy savages to Siddhe, "The islands just too big for a handful of people."
Siddhe says to Celticdark, "Yeah that was part of the problem."
Siddhe says to Celticdark, "We have some thoughts on how to address that, too."
A man in a grotesque masque says, "Shrink the squares to 20x20 instead of 80x80 and it wouldnt be to bad."
Siddhe says to a man in a grotesque masque, "Other plans. More fun plans. More story-driven plans."
Siddhe says, "I like stories. This year will be big on stories."

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