Town Of Franlius

Franlius Map


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1. Donations: Reliquum
2. Cineran knife fighting/knives trainer: Virtus
3. Bronze shop: Bernius, Robei
4. Provisioner: Septian
5. Funeral pyre
6. Popina: Publum
7. Clothes: Julorus
8. Healer: Tullaria
9. Coma ward: Mortima, Numaria
10. Jail
11. Legio fort
12. Tavern: Memius
13. Weapons: Vartellus
14. Forge: Ferrarius
15. Armband dropoff: Pretium
16. Fama’s Imports: Fama (armband reputation store)
17. Baths: Argium
18. Archery/one-handed axes/one-handed crushing/staves/shields/knives/combat maneuvers/brawling trainer: A haggard, one-legged soldier (armband reputation trainer)

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