Town of Rock Valley

This very small community is built around a disgraced ex-Senator. The locals support their benefactor, who tends to keep to himself. They are a close-knit bunch, and those who leave retain a strong sense of village identity. The current governor is Calastor Triarchus. Rock Valley is located southeast of Viron.


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Rock Valley
City of Iridine: Gardens and Hospice
Rock Valley Well

1. One-handed swords/one-handed axes trainers: Majell and Kerta
2. Kitchen: Estelese
3. Bar: Ottavius
4. Knives trainer: Hatrin
5. Tailoring trainer: Pomoura
6. Flophouse: Pasithea
7. Leather: Llorona
8. Tannery (leather buyer): Keltemas
9. Tailoring supplies: Iraetia
10. Tailoring consignment: Laphia and Irra
11. Tailoring patterns/recipes/trainer: Gestus
12. Outdoors/hunting trainer & carcass buyer: Tauruu
13. Raw meat: Nemissa
14. Archery trainer: Brauthos
15. Dew Drop Inn: Picus
16. Watch HQ
17. Shields/clubs/staves/CMs trainers: Cottus and Pelias
18. Eastern gate
19. Bank: a short bank clerk
20. Western gate
21. Bakery: Trapellus
22. Town square
23. Supplies: Malnack
24. Healing supplies/trainer: Piroska
25. Healer: Sinon
26. Blackroot trainer: a broad-shouldered man (knock to enter)
27. CMs/two-handed axe trainer: Clobris
28. Coma ward: Hilla
29. Wagon tickets: a female wagoneer
30. Baths: Natreia
31. Lock shop/trainer: Admina
32. Barbarian's Feet Inn: Primarian
33. Locksmith furnace
34. Bronze-smith: Vachel
35. Kitchen, Barbarian's Feet Inn: Glauke
36. Tavern, Barbarian’s Feet Inn: Cirias
37. Bar: Hack
38. Furniture: Eurymede
39. Wooden weapons/arrows: Kaltil
40. Tinsmith: Stagni
41. Ironmonger: Ferro
42. Jewelry: Larunda
43. CMs/spears trainer: Uiseann
44. Mighty Magris Inn: Elat'Kazu (upstairs)

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