Positive Traits

Trait Value Description
Night Vision 2 Character receives reduced darkness penalties and is able to see in all but pitch darkness. Mutually exclusive with 'Fear of the Dark'.
Iron Will 4 Bonus to willpower. Character can stand damage down to -20 HP before falling unconscious. Mutually exclusive with 'Frail Sensibility'.
Nimble Feet 3 Bonus to speed and agility.
Mule's Back 2 Strength is increased when calculating the load a character can carry. Does not affect encumbrance penalties.
Steady Hands 3 Significant bonus to dexterity. Mutually exclusive with 'Shaky Hands'.
Educated 4 Major bonus to reasoning and judgment.
Athletic 3 Reduced fatigue drain.
Presence of Mind 2 Halves the time a character is stunned for any reason.
Natural Understanding 4 Significant bonus to charm and empathy. Character has improved control over pets and trained animals.
Hunter's Eye 2 Doubles the range of 'scan'. Allows scanning in darkness when combined with 'Night Vision'. Mutually exclusive with 'Near-Sighted'.
Dursc Constitution 4 Increases HP recovery rate. Mutually exclusive with 'Weak Constitution'.
Mountain Lungs 4 Increases Fatigue recovery rate.
Pack Rat 2 Character can fit more volume into a given sack or container.
Innate Charm 3 Bonus to appearance and charm. Mutually exclusive with 'Introverted'.
Merchant's Eye 1 Character can tell the approximate value of an item with the 'inspect' command.
Iron Gut 2 Character has increased resistance against poison and disease and improved recovery time.
Trader's Tongue 4 Bonus to the price of items a character sells to NPC merchants, as well as better prices when buying from NPC shops.
Focus 4 Significant bonus to Willpower. Character has improved magical resistance.
Worldly Knowledge 4 Significant bonus to Perception. Character begins with two extra languages of his choosing.
Vitality 2 Character has a higher threshold of damage before death/comatose state occurs.
Adrenaline Rush 2 Character has a bonus to combat when his health runs low.
Natural Climber 1 Character has improved climbing ability, as well as reduced damage when falling from a climb.
Absolute Time Sense 1 The character has the innate ability to tell time. Looking at the sky yields more accurate time estimates and the character can guess at the time regardless of whether he or she can see the sky.
Weather Prediction 2 The character has an innate sense of what kind of weather will show up in the near future. Looking at the sky will give rudimentary weather predictions.
Enhanced Hearing 2 The character has a bonus to perception when detecting whispers, voices, and discreet sounds. Can hear distant sounds from a longer distance.
Lucky 1 This trait can be used in place of a luck point in reviving a comatose character. Usable only once.
Self-Taught 3 Self-training costs 1.5x the normal skill points instead of the usual 2x the normal skill points.
Luminescent 2 Character has increased magical potential.

Negative traits

Trait Value Description
Shaky Hands -2 Significant penalty to dexterity. Mutually exclusive with 'Steady Hands'.
Bleeder -1 Increased HP loss from bleeding wounds.
Lack of Concentration -2 Increased stun time. Character is more vulnerable to magic.
Near-Sighted -3 Reduced scanning range. Penalty to perception. Mutually exclusive with 'Hunters Eye'.
Provincial Attitude -3 Major penalty to empathy. Significant penalty to charm. Penalty to reasoning. Mutually exclusive with 'Worldly Knowledge' and 'Natural Understanding'.
Jinxed -2 Enemies have an increased chance of scoring critical hits.
All Thumbs -2 Increased frequency of fumbling and critical failures.
Frail Build -2 Penalty to endurance and strength.
Aversion to Pain -3 Increased HP loss due to wounds.
Aversion to Violence -3 Character suffers a general combat penalty.
Uncontrollable Anxiety -1 Character has a chance of fainting when HP goes below 40. Character has a chance of passing out when HP goes below 20.
Fear of the Dark -2 Increased darkness penalties and cannot move from his or her location if unable to see. Mutually exclusive with Night Vision and Night Owl.
Superstitious Fears -3 Character has a major vulnerability to magic. Character cannot use any items with magical properties, including cadaes.
Phobia-Arachnids -1 Characters suffers a general combat penalty when fighting spiders and other arachnids. You may only pick one creature phobia.
Phobia-Snakes -1 Character suffers a general combat penalty when fighting snakes and serpent-like creatures. You may only pick one creature phobia.
Phobia-Insects -1 Character suffers a general combat penalty when fighting insects of any variety. You may only pick one creature phobia.
Phobia-Bat -1 Character suffers a general combat penalty when fighting bats or creatures resembling bats. You may only pick one creature phobia.
Stutterer -2 Major penalty to charm. Character's speech pattern is affected.
Gullible -2 Greatly reduces bartering ability with NPC merchants. Mutually exclusive with 'Traders Tongue'.
Illiterate -3 Character cannot read or write. Mutually exclusive with 'Educated'.
Frail Sensibility -3 Major penalty to willpower. Mutually exclusive with 'Iron Will'.
Weak Constitution -3 Reduced HP recovery. Penalty to Endurance. Mutually exclusive with 'Dursc Constitution'.
Frail Lungs -3 Reduced fatigue recovery and increased fatigue drain. Mutually exclusive with 'Mountain Lungs'.
Introverted -2 Major penalty to charm. Mutually exclusive with 'Innate Charm'.
Squeamish -1 Chance to faint at the sight of bleeding wounds.
Weak Stomach -1 Character more susceptible to poison and nausea. Mutually exclusive with 'Iron Gut'.
Sickly -1 Character more susceptible to disease. Disease symptoms may be amplified, to the point that non-fatal diseases can become deadly.
Intense Nightmares -3 Character recovers fatigue at a reduced rate when asleep. Penalty to willpower. Character more susceptible to magic.

Neutral Traits

Trait Description
Hand of Fate Both you and your opponents have an additional chance of scoring critical hits.
Light Sleeper Reduced roundtime for standing up. Reduced fatigue recovery benefits for sitting or laying down.
Night Owl Increased perception and general bonus during night hours. Reduced perception and general penalty during day hours. Mutually exclusive with 'Fear of the Dark'.
Ox's Grace Significant bonus to strength. Penalty to dexterity and speed.
Finesse Significant bonus to dexterity. Improved critical hits. Significant penalty to strength.
Berserker Damage done to the character is increased by 10%. Damage done by the character is increased by 20%. Character cannot willingly assume defensive, wary or normal combat postures.
Peaceful Spirit Reduced SP gain for combat skills. Increased SP gain for non-combat skills.
Increased Metabolism Food demand doubled. Increased HP and fatigue recovery when full. No HP or fatigue recovery when even slightly hungry.

National Bonuses

Bonus Description
Natural Builder (Aestiva) Bonus to shelter-building and crafting actions in general.
Blade Mastery (Cinera) Higher rate of critical hits with bladed weapons.
Unpredictability (Gadaene) Slight bonus to dodging.
Smooth Tongue (free trait, Gadaene) Bonus to charm and appearance when dealing with NPCs.
Citizenship (Iridine) Character begins as a citizen of the Iridine Republic.
Bonus to Battlecry (Parcines) Battlecries give added bonus and are heard from longer distances.
Disciplined Mind (free trait, Sostaera) Slight bonus to hit.
Anonymity (Sostaera) Bonus to hiding and crowd-blending actions.
Tuchean Resistance (Tuchea) Immunity to nausea and general disease resistance.
Metal Affinity (Windward) Bonus to crafting and mining skills related to metal and metal ores.

Trait Bonuses/Penalties

Trait Bonus/Penalty
Adrenaline Rush 75% HP: +10 bonus offense, 50% HP: +20 bonus to offense, 25% HP: +30 bonus to offense, -1HP: +50 bonus to offense
Trader's Tongue 3% price reduction when buying items from shops (applies to most shops)
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