Tralius Allende

Tralius Allende
House Allende was a minor noble family that raised in status during the purges of Parsos Emrial. Tralius himself quietly opposed Emrial, and he worked tirelessly in the city during the days after Emrial's abdication for peace and unity. Valstaron Martius recognized this, and took Allende under his wing, giving him command over the city's defenses. Recognizing that the Cineran kings had never adequately prepared all of Iridine for attack, only their own holdings in the Steps, Tralius immediately and persistently worked to fortify Iridine, beginning with the natural point of attack - Vetallun. He recognized more than just the obvious vulnerability, however. The turmoil in Iridine became known to the Cinerans, who in short order organized for an attack. Less than a year after deposing Emrial, the faction that had produced Quintus the Marauder attacked, driving south from its fortifications at Franlius. Martius himself led the Legio that held off a two-pronged attack towards Monlon, while Tralius Allende was tasked with the defense of Iridine.

That defense began in Blackvine, as the two forces clashed northeast of the contemporary village. Tralius tasked several centuries of the Second Legion to utilize barbarian tactics in the forests along the coast. The Cineran horde became bogged down, losing momentum, as Allende directed his men to attack stingingly, inflict damage, then fall back. The numbers, however, soon became desperate as Allende observed the massive numbers of invaders. Several times members of the Senate sent messengers laden with advice for the young Allende: "Keep your men on the left flank!"; "Fall back and let them besiege the city!"; "For Ereal's sake, surrender and let us keep our lives!" To each missive,
Allende replied with a simple sentence:

"Tell them I shall fight and I shall win, for if we fail today the Republic fails forever."

The situation continued to grow more dire as dark clouds rolled into site from over the sea. Into the darkness, and in desperation, Allende called back those centuries that survived to the Vetallun Bridge. They dashed across, pursued by several cohorts. As he crossed the bridge with the Cinerans only hundreds of yards behind him, he looked up and saw rows of villagers, citizens of the Republic, staring towards him. He later recounted to his son:

"I saw them looking at me. The look on their faces was indescribable. It was understanding, sympathy, and resignation. They knew that the dream we had started, of a Republic, was going to die."

Tralius Allende stopped and, with what was described as a guttural scream, turned back mid-bridge and faced the onrushing army. With the dark clouds behind him and the twilight in front, he drew out his dirty gladius and raised it high overhead. The several centuries that had been rushing furiously for the relative safety of the rudimentary fort turned and saw their Consul alone on the bridge. Fearing for his safety, several men rushed to haul him off; their efforts were rewarded with the flat of his blade as the enraged Allende screamed, "Let them come!"

And they came: his soldiers, standing eight wide and twenty deep, stood atop that bridge and fought. When Tralius was struck down with a Cineran dirk to his ribs he was dragged back by his men to the rear until, in a feverish fit, he rushed back into the fray. Iridine archers stood on the banks of the river and picked off those Cinerans foolish enough to try their hand at fording. For hours into the night the fight raged, the bridge becoming slick with blood. The river turned red, and the muddy banks themselves were impassable, and the Cinerans retreated. They laid siege to Vetallun for several days until being forced into a retreat, having had three out of every four men killed.

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