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Campus Martius
Vetallun Road

A. North Side Carcass Buyer
B. Vetallun Road
1. Carcass buyer: Caprarius
2. Bar, Blue Horse Inn: Tertian
3. Kitchen, Blue Horse Inn: Thessla
4. Blue Horse Inn: Eusylios
5. Pompious’ Flour Mill: Pompious
6. Guild of Locksmiths HQ
7. Phoenix Guard checkpoint
8. Wayfarer Inn: Phalacia
9. Kitchen, Wayfarer Inn: Melodie
10. Bar, Wayfarer Inn: Rachina
11. Auction house: Noreatix
12. Wine shop: Segnaso
13. Blazing Hearth Inn: Muntania
14. Bar, Blazing Hearth Inn: Laei

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