The furthest north of the "civilized" nations, Tuchea is half on a large
island and half on the nearby mainland. Its people have a long tradition
of sailing, mostly as either fishermen or pirates. Tuchea was defeated in an
embarrasingly short war by the Republic about thirty years ago. Its soldiers
are considered the worst of all warriors; a mercenary from Tuchea can't get
hired if he's honest about where he comes from.

The exact borders of Tuchea are not very well defined. Ask a Tuchean and he
will say as far as the Safelands to the south, the Cantasir mountains to the
east and the whole of Kingsheart Island. In practice the Kingdom controls little
more then the western coast of the mainland, the eastern coast of the
island and the banks of the river Amen. A societal trait of Tuchea is a dislike
to being far from water for any extended period of time. For this reason, the
heart of the kingdom is generally wild and uninhabited. Almost all major
settlements are on the coast, with one along the Amen River.

On the other hand, the population of Tuchea thrives, all of their cities are
dynamic, busy centers. In fact, the kingdom’s cities are overpopulated. In the
past this was remedied by great campaigns bent on domination and acquisition.
Because of their reputation as skilled sailors, Tuchean pirate ships, as
well as ships of the royal kingdom, are a feared sight. A leaning toward a
horde mentality has had as a consequence that Tucheans have little regard
for human life, their own as well as that of their foes. This has cost them
dearly in the past. When the Tuchean plundering forces met with the superbly
trained and well organized legions of the Republic of Iridine, the result
was an incredibly lopsided and short war. Defeat soon turned into a rout as
the kingdom forces were left leaderless with no knowledge of how to recoup
their losses.

As a result of the war with Iridine, Tuchea was forced to concede the island of
Selm to the Republic; it has since been renamed Windward.

Tuchean Appearance
Tuchean Culture

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