Tuchean Culture


Tuchean Appearance
Tuchean Culture

Tucheans value wealth, beauty, and power. Tuchea is an immensely rich
kingdom, or at least its King is. In the past, tributes and plunder have filled
the royal coffers. All things beautiful hold a strong allure to this people. They
are known to have ‘sticky’ hands whenever they see something that pleases
them. More then that, they are just arrogant enough to believe they should
own the object in question. The inner fire that makes them lust for wealth,
has pushed many of them to band together in pirate organizations. They are
temperamental and relish a good fist-fight. Ironically, even though bar
brawling is a national past time in their ports, they are not better warriors for
it. Disregarding death, they only show grudging respect to individuals that
exude power. Once on a state visit, an Iridine senator was ridiculed publicly
by an audacious woman who thought he was cute. Even with the pomp of
state, this senator could not escape their taunts. Tuchean men and women
are also great scholars of human anatomy. Some of the worlds best sculptors
come from Tuchea. The most popular festival of the kingdom celebrates
physical prowess and perfection. They are quick to laugh and quicker to
drink. A thoroughly reckless people.

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