Tulca: (1-48)
Tulca, chieftain and champion of his clan, called a festival to celebrate the return of Ereal to Midlight following the dark times and declared that a city would be built upon Basran Hill in honor of the priestess' sacrifice, and that it would be called after the priestess - Iridine. Although the Tulcas were Cineran - the chieftain was brother to a Cineran warlord - the gathered elders selected him as the Chieftain of Chieftains, and Tulca I became the first King of Iridine.

Tulca's first act was to outlaw the practice of moonworship, lest Ereal's anger rise and cause Him to once again turn His back on the world. The remaining moon worshipers on whose heads Ereal's wrath had fallen were driven away into exile or tried and executed for their crimes.

The pious king then set about establishing the modern calendar; the Iridine priesthoods and sects of Ereal; and the Order of the Flame, the elite corps of warrior mages.

After Tulca's reign: Following the ascension of Tulca I, Iridine was ruled by 6 monarchs for a period of 213 years—most of whom were descended from Tulca’s Cineran dynasty. His successors were Granthulius, Vetallun, Quintus the Marauder, Tulca II, and Parsos Emrial. It was during this period that many of the rudiments, if not the actual incarnations themselves, of present-day political, social, and religious institutions were established. It was also during this period that the Iridine people developed their fabled intolerance for monarchs. As the line of kings grew increasingly abusive of its power, the concept of the Republic incubated. Parsos Emrial, the last monarch of Iridine, was overthrown 213 years after the ascension of Tulca I, and the Republic was born. (taken from the help files)

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