Tulca Ii

Tulca II: (136-201)
Tulca II was installed as the fifth King of Iridine following the assassination of Quintus the Marauder by supporters of the Tulca family. He was the grandson of the founder of Iridine, Tulca. He became known known as Tulca the Injust. Tulca II's rule was characterized by an increasing alienation from the nobility, and a prolonged, unpopular war on the Aestivan League. He did, however, effect some signicant military and political changes, including a re-organization of the Assemblies of the People into 'centuries' based on the amount of property they owned. These centuries were also the basis for the type of military service provided, as the 'class' of the individual also indicated what sort of military equipment he was liable to provide for himself. He was succeeded by Parsos Emrial.

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