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A. Vetallun Crossroads
1. Footwear: Venatius
2. Hide buyer: Jalgris
3. Balbina’s Fresh Fowl: Balbina
4. Spears trainer: Regul
5. Medical supplies: Gallinus
6. Message office: An ink-stained scribe
7. Bank: A young clerk
8. Courthouse
9. Tailor: Shera
10. Kitchen: Elima
10. The Old Goat Inn: (upstairs) Caesia
11. Locksmith supplies: Fefellus
12. The Perry Inn: Bandus
13. Dark Horse Trading Post: Cantus
14. Baths: Eva
15. Healer: Fiona
16. Coma ward: Hathrus
17. Bar: Tereshia
17. Outdoors/archery/hunting trainer: Fern
18. Rope/fishing supplies: Winalder
19. Bakery: Netros
20. Ferry tickets: Nahl
21. Ferry landing
22. Vetallun Armory: Bragan

Maps » Vetallun

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