Veteran Characters

Veteran Characters

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Overview of the Vet Program

Announcement Thread by GM Sceadu

Veteran Character Packages!

The ability to create veteran characters has finally arrived. You can access the option to do so using @play then selecting the 'spend role points' option from the WA.

Veteran character packages are meant to encourage players to pursue multiple and diverse character experiences by alleviating some of the difficulty of starting a new character. Each package includes GSP to train skills, credits which can be spent on both standard and custom items, a modest amount of money in their bank account, and attribute points redeemable on attribute increases. The more expensive packages include a free makeover, and in some cases a free custom item, in addition to these perks.

The following packages are available:

Package (Cost) GSPs Credits Wealth Attributes Extras
1. (1000 rps) 250 10 5t 10 None
2. (2000 rps) 500 20 10t 15 None
3. (3000 rps) 750 30 15t 20 None
4. (4000 rps) 1000 40 20t 25 Makeover
5. (8000 rps) 1500 80 40t 30 Makeover
6. (10000 rps) 2000 100 50t 40 Makeover & Custom Item

*In some cases, such as a case of character PK, you may be offered one of the packages free of charge. You will have the option to upgrade this package using your rolepoints (cost = the package price - the price of the package you were issued). You generate this package in the same way as a regular veteran character purchase.


To purchase a veteran package, your account must be in good standing and you must either have the rolepoints, or have had a free package issued to you. You may access the purchase system through the 'spend rolepoints' option of the play menu and indicating 'Purchase a veteran character'. At this time you will be presented with the packages currently available to you. After picking the package of your choice you will be placed directly into the character generator. Following completion of the majority of the character generation process you will be presented with a choice of one of three possible attribute layouts for the character. A final confirmation will then be presented to you requesting that you verify you wish to keep the character.

*PLEASE NOTE*: First, you indicate to keep the character, you will be charged any outstanding rolepoints at this time. No refunds will be granted past this point; Second, you may only roll a veteran character using the veteran character generator once every 3 (Wiki Note: This number has been updated to reflect the new setting) days.

A successfully generated character will be placed in an OOC lounge to spend their GSP, credits, attribute points, and receive any extras that they are entitled to.

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Addendum Thread by GM Sceadu

We have made a change to the policy concerning the awarding of Veteran Character packages for characters that have been PK’d. This policy change will NOT be retroactive. The following is now the current formula for determining what level package will be offered:

*The package offered will be based off character age. (from the time of creation until the time of death).
*One month will be added to this age for every 250 Role Points spent on the character. (RPs counted are those directly spent on the character itself [description changes, stat increases, etc], not any spent on items, events or other.)
*The total number of months credited will be rounded to the nearest year.

Less than 6 months….. None
6mo - 1yr….. Level 1
1yr - 2yr….. Level 2
2yr - 3yr….. Level 3
3yr – 4yr….. Level 4
4yr – 5yr….. Level 5
5yr and over….. Level 6

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Skill Trainers

Content Pending

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Vendor List

Weapons Vendor

Item Credit Cost
1. Bronze dagger 1 credit
2. Alanti dagger 2 credits
3. Iron dagger 4 credits
4. Boison dagger 15 credits
5. Retalq dagger 20 credits
6. Bronze-tipped spear 1 credit
7. Cavalry spear 2 credits
8. Iron-tipped spear 3 credits
9. Boison-tipped spear 15 credits
10. Retalq-tipped spear 20 credits
11. Bronze gladius 2 credits
12. Alanti gladius 3 credits
13. Iron gladius 4 credits
14. Boison gladius 15 credits
15. Retalq gladius 20 credits
16. Light quarterstave with leather grips 1 credit
17. Black quarterstave 3 credits
18. Oak quarterstave with smooth bronze caps 4 credits
19. Altene double mace 5 credits
20. Studded leather cestus 1 credit
21. Studded leather cestus 1 credit
22. Bronze cestus 2 credits
23. Bronze cestus 2 credits
24. Iron cestus 4 credits
25. Iron cestus 4 credits
26. Boison cestus 15 credits
27. Boison cestus 15 credits
28. Bronze trident with tin tines 1 credit
29. Bronze trident 2 credits
30. Tuchean trident 3 credits
31. Iron trident 4 credits
32. Long wooden club 1 credit
33. War club 2 credits
34. Spiked club 2 credits
35. Banded club 3 credits
36. Blackroot war-club 4 credits
37. Iridine long mace 2 credits
38. Iron mace 3 credits
39. Spiked iron mace 6 credits
40. Boison mace 15 credits
41. Simple whip of soft leather 1 credit
42. Hair whip 2 credits
43. Short whip 3 credits
44. Scale whip 4 credits
45. Bronze axe 2 credits
46. Iron axe 4 credits
47. Boison axe 15 credits
48. Two-handed bronze axe 2 credits
49. Two-handed iron axe 4 credits
50. Blackroot war-axe 10 credits
51. Two-handed boison axe 15 credits
52. Short bow 1 credit
53. Simple pine short bow 2 credits

*Additional custom items will sometimes be in the display case, type and cost vary
**Note: Weapon Quality can be enhanced at the cost of additional credits

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Clothing Vendor

Item Credit Cost
1. Tunic 1 credit
2. Breeches 1 credit
3. Pants 1 credit
4. Belt 1 credit
5. Sandals 1 credit
6. Rough sandals made of uncured hide and fastened with an ankl 1 credit
7. Sturdy hobnailed sandals 1 credit
8. Stola 1 credit
9. Shirt 1 credit
10. Chiton 1 credit
11. Toga 1 credit
12. Hat 1 credit
13. Wide headband of uncured hide, tied in place with woven gras 1 credit
14. Simple hide hat with a short brim 1 credit
15. Cloak 1 credit
16. Travelling cloak 1 credit
17. Robe 1 credit
18. Paenula 1 credit
19. Sagum 1 credit
20. Hooded cloak 25 credits

*Additional custom items will sometimes be in the display case, type and cost vary
**Warning: These items have no options to enhance them. If you buy a hooded cloak, it will be just 'a hooded cloak'.

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Armor Vendor

Item Credit Cost
1. Lorica hamata 2 credits
2. Brown leather boots 1 credit
3. Black leather boots 1 credit
4. Cloth boots 1 credit
5. Thick leather boots 1 credit
6. Sharkskin boots 1 credit
7. Linen belt with a bronze buckle 1 credit
8. Leather belt 1 credit
9. Leather belt with iron studs 1 credit
10. Plain leather shoulder pteryges 1 credit
11. Stiff leather pteryges 1 credit
12. Cuirass 1 credit
13. Muscle cuirass 2 credits
14. Mail cuirass 2 credits
15. Leather cuirass 1 credit
16. Bronze helmet 1 credit
17. Leather helm 1 credit
18. Pair of armillus 1 credit
19. Leather arming jerkin 1 credit
20. Left bronze thigh greave 2 credits
21. Right bronze thigh greave 2 credits
22. Right bronze greave 2 credits
23. Left bronze greave 2 credits
24. Dull bronze helmet with a featureless faceplate 30 credits
25. Iridine wall shield 5 credits
26. Long shield 3 credits
27. Bronze buckler 1 credit

*Additional custom items will sometimes be in the display case, type and cost vary
**Note: Shield Quality can be enhanced at the cost of additional credits

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Jewelry Vendor

Please note that all items listed below are merely an example of pricing and style. This shop functions much like Mondan's in that it is entirely stocked by custom items, not set items.

Item Credit Cost
1. Necklace of strung amethyst chips (custom / see display case) 11 credits
2. Torc of twisted gold (custom / see display case) 16 credits
3. Delicate silver bracelet with tiny green tourmaline charms (custom / see display case) 12 credits
4. Slender golden bracelet (custom / see display case) 14 credits
5. Thin gold necklace with silver accents (custom / see display case) 15 credits
6. Smooth silver bracelet bearing silver ornaments (custom / see display case) 12 credits
7. Silver ring set with a sardonyx cabochon (custom / see display case) 9 credits
8. Silver bracelet with turquoise charms (custom / see display case) 9 credits
9. Bronze bracelet with peridot charms (custom / see display case) 3 credits
10. Zinc bracelet with malachite charms (custom / see display case) 3 credits
11. Bold bronze anklet (custom / see display case) 3 credits
12. Zinc anklet with mica charms (custom / see display case) 3 credits
13. Bronze anklet with beryl charms (custom / see display case) 5 credits

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Miscellaneous Vendor

Item Credit Cost
1. Knife 1 credit
2. Fishing pole 1 credit
3. Leather belt hoop 1 credit
4. Brass lantern 1 credit
5. Bronze lantern crafted into a rose 2 credits
6. Bronze lantern crafted into a wolf 2 credits
7. Bronze lantern crafted into a lion's head 2 credits
8. Bronze lantern crafted into a rearing stallion 2 credits
9. Bronze trowel 2 credits
10. Timber axe 1 credit
11. Ceramic lantern 1 credit
12. Large sack 1 credit

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