Your Account

The Eternal City offers three types of accounts. Find the type that best fits your needs and goals:

Free Trial/Basic Premium
Earn skill points
Join organizations
Participate in events
Access entire gameworld
Give and receive @kudos
Multiple accounts per IP address*
Convert skill points to General Skill Points
Free tier 1 Veteran Characters
Rolepoints per hour (base/max) 1/6 3/8
Monthly Storypoints 0 0 50
Character slots** 1 2 5
Monthly General Skill Points/character 0 0 3
Role point purchases Limited Reduced cost Greatly reduced cost
Cost (USD$)
Monthly Free $12.95 $29.95
Quarterly Free $34.95 (6% savings) $79.95 (12% savings)
Annually Free $129.95 (19% savings) $299.95 (19% savings)

*Restrictions regarding playing multiple accounts per player still apply.
** For accounts with more than one character, the @number-one command can be used once to change which character is in the first slot.

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